Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Random Genting update

Here is a simple update.....cuz I lazy update too

Christmas Eve Night.... great performance among all we did

After Christmas Eve last show....time to say bye bye to our 'baomu'....thanks~

ok....this one i dont know what happen....also Christmas Eve night...after performance.....after supper.....this time I already slept....just know the prince came to my room to get the

our 2nd 'bao mu'....she left us earlier.... :)

I dont like this section actually lol~ I like the pies and cakes~ this already became a part of our supper sometimes......

guess casino at Genting.....

while waiting order to start practice.....

our practice place..
The Pavilion ~
miss this place big....

usually can see us here around 12.30am....AM!
our supper location...

when view back this photo....I realize that this place is so din even felt so when up there haha~

midnight walk~

Pik Ying teacher is to calculate ur
still remember.....all of us found that she is missing....and she was stood here calculate!!!!

sleep anytime, anywhere, any situation.....with any pose.... roomate for few days only lol~

our poster.....everywhere......but 25th that day....we realize all

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The end of enjoying life....

after back from Genting..... the end of many things....

the end of ...

- late night supper...
- shopping 'at home'
- nice weather
- fresh fruit juice
- no calculator life...
- holiday
- house keeping ( which i can mess up the room in the morning... )

and many....many....many....


yeap! success to gain some more weight!

Friday, December 25, 2009

a memoriable trip~

finally...I at home already~
still felt want stay a few more days
well...really a good experience with the gang~

so.....i was woke up by a call from noisy ppl..... from aunty jia wen! i still can rest for 10 more min... if she din call me...
then continued with many of them came to find me....pass me this and that.... and I just know that 8 peoples already took cab go back.....left 13 of us...

well.... packing process took me a little time only since my stuff all in the luggage....then Kevin called me and said will doing morning worship in my room~
ok well.....quite ok the session....and we been called to go out by aunty again! because almost 12pm....checkout time....
then we went down....waiting for lift already make me crazy!

then met the others eating in lobby cafe.....with their own pay! stephen said the card expired already but I said I tried to check it out with the counter and he said still valid! so....pity them paying with their own money....and time for use the card till cukup-cukup!!! left around RM600 if not mistaken....

so....after and Beatrice and Pik Ying ran to bakery to use the rest of the credit! bt....can only take away limited items from bakery....and if gt time....sure kena 'sut' by beatrice lol! i mean the cashier.....ishhh...
then i ran to pizza factory.....tried to gt esprit drink bt out of stock.....
then ended up we take away chicken wing....nugget..... hot dog... and gave up the rest RM300 by give away dunno to who....
can say that....our tapau really like doing a treasure hunt race!

then we met the others near GICC.....and we walked to the bus station !!! damn it.....why dont pick us in front the lobby! everyone carried so many luggages!!!! some more raining!
then fine... at least provided us Genting bus..... for 13 of us.....

well....geng lo.....the driver thought playing roller coaster!!!!! drive so fast and break so sudden all the way go down and back to UCSI!!!! for me....I felt nothing la....better than van or car....
then few people in the bus felt want to vomit and the first is Wai Siu~ lol~
then I saw jia wen very teruk.... I faster ask for plastic everywhere.... and beatrice gt it.....I dont know beatrice oso feeling not well and i took out those tapau foods and put on her.....make her lagi mau muntah!

at last gt 1 small plastic from rachel la....
then jia wen gt down at LRT station and I slept after that...
I woke up just on time....when we reached UCSI....and the driver put us down at roadside near ESSO! when the door is open....those people ran down and Beatrice vomited at longkang ..... lol... pity Carmen cant vomit but she felt want to....
what to do.....everyone finally exposed to the sun! well....really felt not get use to it because dry skin from Genting directly exposed to want crack d!
we faster ran to Esso station wait our parent....

well....Im the 2nd to left after Kenny.....
cant wait to meet everyone after 1 week soon!!!

memorable time....people.....places....

at Esso

my 18 637 room ... bye bye....

update more soon...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

another little update~

considered as yesterday...

woke up at 9am.... then get ready and went to gym with Kevin and Audrey.
Me and Kevin loved the gym so much haha~ place for us to revive.
so far other than throat problem, no other sickness , thanks God~
sore throat will recover at 12pm everyday... =.=

and then went to practice since after few days don't have practice.
and then went back to my room to take a short nap....

well got people target finish work half an hour earlier...but ended up 15mins earlier only...
so many tourists ....
somemore got 1 camera men follow us to capture our pics, I mean Adrin.
everyday sure got something special happen... =.=
but overall quite enjoying ~
somemore since after so many days I didnt go to Elite Club to sing.... finally Im back haha~
yesterday a little bit special...
one of the genting boss watched our performances at 3 station.... know he is boss after I think Adrin told Pik Ying. He so enjoy our performances and said well done~ We really dont know who is he, thought he is only guest that very

and then after working.... and everyone bath....
me, pik ying, beatrice, kevin and rachel went to KFC! all so brave enough....

2 more performances to go!
hornestly....gonna miss this place soon! so many memories here....
we make it as our home already....
somemore get use to the weather here already......
and people we met everyday...
foods we eat everyday.....

Monday, December 14, 2009

a little update from Genting

well.... last night show I did something so special...

forget bout it.

and after show.... everyone started to play Monopoly lol~

what a crazy night....

well...a lots of fun here~

some people still got stamina and voice to go sing K!!

12 more days to go...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


o ya... additional here...

just now I gt the scarf from Tian Yi...and I washed right away after I gt home....guess what....

the water is brown in colour......

imagine how many bacteria in that scarf.....good luck ha guys.... so many people de sweat.....I cant take it.....

2nd last rehearsel before depart to Genting

today went to school as usual....arrived at 10am...

went to asked PTPTN stuff.....and good news that I dont need to come down from Genting to sign the agreement already because the briefing delayed due to those Sabah and Sarawakian cant come back. Next step....God You reign...

then went to swimming pool.... told by the guy 2pm just cant swim cuz cleaning...

went back to school to practice....

then BY called me said need a ride or not to North Wing....she know me so well haha~ thanks BY~

well....before Tian Yi and Kenny arrive.... a gang of black guys came and swim....with their boxes...... and talked so so loud .... and dont know how they swim..... is Asian too small size...or too is heavy.....or inpolite? they splashed the water everywhere outside the pool.....grrrrr
the life guard also cant control them....pity him haha

then we started to swim lo.... so great today improved after the lifeguard coaching for a moment.....became more faster in my backstroke style haha~

then we went back to start or practice....till night 10pm. lol~
no more time left....

I think my next post will be at Genting Highland already....wuahahahaha

*o ya..... Kenny decided to swim every morning.... really so ngam key with

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Thanks God, with my faith, it had been done~

Thanks God I learned a lot from Pastor John Avanzini message this morning.

Yea~ revive me again~

Thursday, December 3, 2009


well....I always went to school early in the I can go to swim at North Wing.

Tian Yi and Kenny always be there when I go swim. They are good partner haha~
and then the F4....RY, Emily, Yun and XinXin.... Thursday only appear....they also bring a lot joys haha~
then welcome our new member, Yong Jia, who swim freestyle without move his leg! i wonder how he!!!
then The banana~ Bi Ying....always swim under the
and my good partner Chris, which is quite attracted the girls lol~

next week last more time before we go to Genting, and then continue again and set our schedule again when school reopen~

*soon we can represent UCSI to swimming dream...


a bit MAD?

every time is like this.... went to sectional.... only me and Him, both of us travel so far just for this sectional! and the others don't know where they go....
we come for???? cant just give cooperation just for that little time????? and we every time ended up practice ourselves and took KTM went home!!!

nevermind....come to the end soon....

and then every time KTM sure very very packed with HUMAN!!!! Thought so easy travel from so far just for this matter????

and damn the dock I went in at tasik selatan, the aircond is not function!!!! I planned to run to the next dock when reached Kajang station.....but saw those people waiting to come in....forget it...
then I only ran to the next dock after Kajang station, UKM station.

and because of this.... every time when I reached home sure need a rest...quiet.... and do my stuff and bath! I always in bad mood after this! My mum always understood that time cant ask me stuff unless urgent....

Resubmit course selection

Thanks God He heard my prayer!

Last week Im so careless until deleted my course selection form and forgot cant redo anymore because it is deadline already! Im so so so worried.... and keep emailed to Mr Juan Pablo .... and he seems like busy until didn't reply me...

so today I met him outside the office....without asking him he told me what I gonna ask haha~ he asked me go to block A deal with student office....

usually after deadline all request need penalty RM100....

so I went to 7eleven to withdraw money......

then I go back to block A.....

I told the officer what happen and the officer didn't ask much....he ask for my ID and ask me go to do the selection immediately! walao!!!! no need to pay RM100 !!! Im so so so happy!!! because usually need penalty just can redo! thanks God~

Once again.... Im back to normal.... without worry anymore haha~

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

because of 'you'

sometimes have to scarified a lot others things if choose one of it...

because I choose to join Genting trip...then i missed out a lot event that going to happen in the same time also..... a lot
but....joining this trip also let me learned a lot.... and get closer with each other.

A Little Crazy Day

The title sound like a little bit formal, lol. as usual....went to UCSI by KTM in the early morning...
lets talk a little bit about the scene in the KTM...
today quite weird because usually the train all the way from seremban wont have so much people...
and then I sure stand lo after got in the train...
and I forgot reached which station.....a lady stood up and ready to get down from the train....that time quite many people.... especially Malay Ladies.... they are so so so so so weird.... got seat but....dont know they shy la....or want to be heroin.... my patient got its limit.... so after few second I took the seat before others from the next station come in and sit on it...
sometimes dont say we are not gentlemen but please....appreciate before too late!
then continue...
after I sat down....the woman next to me...also a married malay woman.... she suddenly stand up ...... I thought she and her family( 2 daughters and 1 husband just sat in front her) gonna get off from the train...who know..... Im the one who get down first! she stood whole the way from....UKM station I think which if arrive Tasik Selatan station might take 15-20 mins.This is weird huh? Did I got any problem that so annoy her to rather standing? and her husband.....geng lo.....sleep there and make her wife invisible..... this is the scene from malay family....@.@.... dont know how to express love....

ok stop for this...
lets move on...

then i contact my swimming gang.... and decided to meet at pool by 11am
ended up almost 12.30pm just swam....
the pool still under 'invisible' cleaning!!!!
Kenny was so mad with it and decided to report to student council and he ended up didnt join us and go back to south wing to practice....
so left me, Chris, Bi Ying, Tian Yi, and most welcome our new member, Yong Jia!!! lol
yeap....having a lot of fun and nice weather....
and everyone swam till more than 1 hour haha~

after shower...we went to beef noodle shop to have our 3pm
everyone was so hungry nia..... and the foods there yummy!!!!
some people started to suggest go for L4D2 since before got off from swimming pool!
at last we really made, bi ying, tian yi, yong jia....
went to sri petaling CC to play...
everyone dont know the direction...
so stop by a few places before to ask the
really felt like in a race....amazing race lolx~
those people in the CC so geng....luckilly we just went to have a little fun...but them seems like very addicted
L4D2....overall....not bad~ really make me crazy! so complicated...unlike the 1st season...this season came with so so so many type of guns and.... so many type of weapon such as...guitar...knife....etc.....and of course many different bomb also! complicated...
we ended up did not win the final game....althought we set it to EASY level already!!! Bi Ying keep run to the front and ended up....1st died....or.....mayb jump down from the bridge? lol~

everyone was so tired...
at night....we having our choir practice session...
and this time I really felt the feeling of lonely! my bass member all didnt came except Chee Seng....he overall like didnt sing.... 1 bass sing with so many others part.....@.@
a lot out of pitch.....
need to improve myself more......
not easy to be the lowest voice because have to close my 1 ear to tune the correct pitch.....@.@

so tired nah today..... going to sleep soon...

o ya, happy belated birthday again to Chris~ hope you enjoy your day haha~

stop now....good night.

Monday, November 30, 2009


yeay!!!! finally watched 2012 just now! 1st time went to cinema with family, interesting haha~

well...i better start from beginning...

we went to MBO cinema at Terminal II Seremban. Not bad overall... just felt that Leisure mall screen is bigger haha~

well...because add on 1 extra ticket I took the different seat just right behind my family...

First of all... I dont know how many people never go in cinema before.... nevermind
I got no hidden meaning so dont misunderstood... left and right side is two Indians couple....well their BOY is sit next to me. Lets begin with left side that 1....
I really wanna stand up and shout SHUT UP to that guy.... I dont know what his purpose went to EAT or to WATCH ? keep making sound of those plastic that really ANNOYING everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! tear and eat, tear and eat!!!! dont say Im cruel well these kind of people really short life!!! eat such quantities of junk food at 7pm??? kidding.... and is amount of a full set dinner!!!! drink and eat drink and eat.... and talk loudly with her GF/wife !!!! !@#$%^&*
after sister that sit infront them said.....really like sat on massage chair! they keep on moving their leg and ...grrrrr.... speechless!
*piak piak

move on

then right side tht 2 couple....walao....激情beside me! Im ok actually but.....really tear my mood out!!! what movie is this??? dont they understand the meaning????????????

then got people asked me what feeling after watched it... i said... NO FEELING!


before that movie started....serious many raw on the back really sat on the wrong seat...included us.... because really hard to see the correct alphabert and NUMBER! unlike GSC... @.@
then came in a big group of aunties and uncles....ngam ngam my parent sat on their place andafter found of the uncle talk so loud said.... 有没有搞错!!!like scare no one heard bout it...well.... everyone sat the wrong seat..... nevermind.... then my mum told me that uncle keep on complain to his friends ! throught out the whole movie running! walao!!!! need or not!????
I really 佩服 the people here now! 没有礼貌!!!!


after this incident....I think KL cinema really good enough compare to these place....

about the movie...

not bad overall.... saw the greedy of people when in trouble....
but in Christianity .... this movie really did a lot crashed with bible words lol
1st of all..... God already more whole earth flooding will happen after Noah....
2nd.... no one will know when is the day when the 2nd coming of written in last chapter in bible...
and of course... many other things haha~

Give thanks to everyday you live~

Am I ... ?

ok... now.... happen something. dont ask what...

after this case happen... I really realized that... my 说服能力 very strong....
thanks God I really got this power.... this case really a dangerous case... I want to seek back something I really lost for quite a moment....

anyway...really thanks God~

Sunday, November 29, 2009



刚才去购物的时候,有一个展览,关于美容和婚纱的。。。 BiYing 和 RouYen 就到韩国美人的摊位试试他们的产品。。。就离开了。。。因为有人感到害羞哈哈!!!被人家介绍关于婚纱。。。哈哈哈!



以后。。。想好好才生哦~ 别让自己的负担成为别人的负担。




Saturday, November 28, 2009

what a day... whats now..?
my house having 'stock cleaning' session?
from outside to inside....from front to back.... throwing this and that....and cleaned out a reli big pack of...usless stuff/rubbish/expired items....
so...I just watched actually....and answer 'keep' or 'throw' while been asked...

why I didnt help out neh..? because....a lot stuff i dont know since after i started study at Uni. lol~


continue later la...

Thursday, November 26, 2009


recently a lot people keep talking bout age!
'20 soon lo....'
'the end of 2009 lo...'
'old again....'

and i realized tht....I going to 20 soon!!!! wht should i respone???? happy??? worry??? sad????


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lost weight???

just now after dinner.... my dad suddenly came to me....said...

Dad:'wai, I bought a box of Ice Cream, a basket of biscuits, etc....'

Little bro:'tonight he gonna finish it!!!'

Me: '..................'

Dad:' eat o~'

then I was.....speechless.....
my sister said no wonder Im so thin now since I often swim recently.
but...that day met some friends.....long time didnt see me and said .... wow you fat already wor...

so.... what am I?????

Monday, November 16, 2009

Raining Season

cool~ everyday raining..and today totally nonstop raining.....

so many flies at morning ... cuz raining.... and ended up dad set trap and all die.... peace~

nice weather.... cool...... and ..... really cool

the newspaper said this weather will last long till two month.... so .... I wonder how we survive 2 weeks at Genting Highland!

tomorrow gonna settle something ... and no Christmas carol practice since some people not around.... or busy.... or travelling lol

meet Chris tomorrow, long time didnt chat since after Malaysian Studies class at 2nd sem haha~


my finger is freezed and.... hard to play running notes on piano....
so.... have to warm up by play major minor scales....

enjoying this weather....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Genting photoshooting ( 1st round )

actually the title above should be written without the '1st round'
cuz just now at evening Wai Kit SMS me said we have another photo shooting session at next Thursday. walaoeh....

last night.....geng lor...
the girls all started to prepare around before 7pm i think while i practicing at next door. all bring own mirror....but ended up all go to the nearest grandpiano room use the big!!! most geng is someone brin KOSE mirror.....walao!!!! i should take a photo of that ! missed it....

then guys easy we started with practicing a while. then when everyone is ready and was there, we went to third floor to photo shooting session.
with that thick scarf and no aircond.... scarf just like absorb our sweat only....

then everyone take position as ordered.... and pose like model....

our camera women.....Ms

here is some pic from another camera....

Group shooting


actually more pics....and this is nt by the Nikon camera which is use to send to Genting.

more to come soon...

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Just now went to MV to buy stuff that needed for Genting caroling.
woke up in the early morning and took KTM to Bandar tasik Selatan to meet RY, Yun and XC. Then we went to MV together.

Thanks a lot to the girls that helped me out a lot. Girls always the girls.... so good in shopping. All my stuff ended up bought at SEED. Cost me a big amount.... @.@
why Genting did not sponsor for us..... so selfish...

before we start to buy we have our early lunch at food court above Toy R us. Early in the morning all of us eat spicy stingray.... so so so hot !

anyway... unexpected shopping and .... again.... my pocket.... @.@

now gonna take a short nap and do my major lesson homework later.... fuh....

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Let it go

cant take too much d.... I really have to let go many thing....
some of you might think....
but I really have to let go.... to make myself keep on moving.....


think too much? or care too much? or did too much?

already tried my best to let go many things....

sometimes help ppl ... also dont know what am i thinking ...

sometimes make some decision... cause a big changes.....

mayb should hold back some....and rest?

god knew it..

Monday, November 2, 2009


wow.... so fast and now in holiday mode d~

A lot tasks coming soon....
this is what I like body and brain wont stop working haha~

o ya... to all the graduation recital friends, all the best ya~

is a good time to improve myself in practical in this holiday.....

Friday, October 30, 2009

Good Morning~

seems like no one woke up yet...

mayb last night really used a lot energy...even myself oso lost a little bit voice.... christmas carol choir coaching under guest coach. From pitching to lyric, from expression to movement, all together been asked to do in 'profesionally'....
day flew so so so fast...

now gonna pack my stuff, as I going to 'checkout' from this house today~ say bye bye to this place and will became memory in my mind, and say bye bye to my roomate My Lim Yong Jia and Mr Yek Shin Hong, and my next door Ms Pang and Ms Verone, and so Mr Tan Chee Seng, and Ms UNKNOWN that live in single room, and Ms Winnie who stay at downstair.
in this 1 year, many things happen, happy and sad haha~ and saw a lot weird thing outside the window..... people chasing and beating thief.... Ms Irene house surrounded by cops......dogs fun season.....etc..


where i will be next??
stay tune~
I will be back soon~


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Modern Band Ensemble

finally the end of 1st semester modern band ensemble. Just now was the concert of MBE and everyone did great job~!!! well done~

talk a little bout this....

modern band concert start at 8pm....and calling is 4pm.....and we waited there at 4pm.... everyone was chit chat while waiting CME exam finish..... until dunno what time....
while waiting....we talked a lot.....really a!!! and someone was nonstop holding an electronic device.....u know what am i talking about lol~
yeap....through this moment we get know each other more closer lol~

then we went in the hall dont know what time...
and then Mr Juan started to give band's that did not perform task....
guess what...
my band got the most complicated work by complicated explaination....
others was so easy...

then certain ppl seems like missing cuz performer all go through last more time rehearsel....
and then me and liling planned to go for dinner .... (actually dont know can leave or not but seems like wont have calling so we think is ok de....wakakakak)
called those juniors and then ended up me and liling go to fuxin and the rest go pasar malam.
long time din eat with liling d haha~
then after somewhile..... we saw the seniors all started to appear around.....wakakakkakaka~

then everyone back to the hall and all take place for own task given...
my team, me and ying hui is to delivery message to hooi ching and irene about the stage arrangement....we stand at the control room..... and then the person in charge said no need help out cuz gt nothing to do....then we been asked to stand by there in case gt something need our help.....
concert started and seems like we really became vase up there...... and the other two was sitting downstair enjoying..... and their work automatically took by stephen hahah~ then about 3rd songs i went back to my place since stand there oso got no

this mean that... our band got no task at all.... sound like task but it aren'

overall....really interesting~ and i found that contemporary student really get into 1 althought different band. most of them really very easy going~ very big different from classical student lol~(p/s: im not talking bad about classical lol)

and thanks to my band member that really support each others a lot~althought just 4 of us but we had a lot of fun~ everyone did their part well and work together. so far i found that my band dont have any extra practice at outside while others band got theirs.

at foundation level i really almost want to give up contemporary music already .... but thanks God many of my friends encourage me and thanks to my lecturer, he never give up in teaching me~ he never show bad mood to me since 1st day in his lesson~
Give up cuz is really really very hard....
luckilly now overcome it already haha~

long way to go~~~~~

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


as the title above....yeap...i doing 'jury' today. haha~
actually is help Mingming vocal jury. at beginning is YiFen play for him actually but YiFen last thursday ask Ziming find me....cuz she is not free. So...what to do.... let him die meh.... then take over lo althought dont know can do it or not.....

what a great jury ever.... practice in few days and run through incompletely with him a few times only. He is new to contemporary might need a lot guidance....@.@
and then before jury time.... last minute i gt a new task again.... is help his band play the keyboard bass part. Did not ever practice with them before..... all on the spot and by eye contact.... really geng liao.... !!!!!

and last night i got a feel that Ms Chen Ai Reen will became one of the jurer.....and my feel is came true..... and ms Sara is one of the jurer too.....
became guest in ms AiReen class for 2 semester already...... so might be get use to her already. somemore reminded ziming to do scat as there is an empty part in a jazz song. because i know AiReen style haha~
should be no problem gua.....

make others misunderstood thought is my jury.... geng!

and i learned a lot through this exprience...... thanks ziming for this chance.
tired...and need a good good rest~
major and minor class still go on......whewwww~

happy Birthday mum~

yeap~ today is my mummy birthday~ and was great heard that they have a great celebration. Althought not big celebration, but was so sweet~ lol

just now mum called me to dinner together but i got christmas carol practice, so dint go with them lo... mum really a good mum by God~ lol

may God bless ya~ happy birthday again~!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jury mode

All the best to all those who taking jury exam this semester~ especially 4 ppl's in my house. And all the best to myself as last minute pianist to my soloist. lol

Jury.... some said scary exam. especially in this short semester....
Next semester is my turn.... wish myself all the best la... still half way preparing it... and looking for... a bassist, percussionist, and a drummer to help out in my next jury.

all the best again everyone~ and all the best to my soloist~

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The End of Modern Band Ensemble

today..... say bb to 1st semester modern band ensemble....
2 months rest.....
really learn a lot through this. Hope next semester ....will be good. lol
and today 1st time heard LiLing sing solo! lol~ so sexy sound and style...wakakak~

sore throat.... luckilly came home and hope get well soon haha~
will never eat chaw kuey tiew oledi....unless using firewood......

upcoming event...

1. Choir Concert
2. Modern band final exam
3. HAMM final exam
4. Major Minor replacement
5. Genting Christmas carolling


Thursday, October 15, 2009

last day of HAMM class and ET class

finally..... HAMM 1 and ET1 came to the end today. ET1 final exam just done today and HAMM will do at next tuesday. suddenly felt that....time passed so fast....

modern band songs getting complicated.....
next semester jury.....dunno how....Wilson my hope is in you... try to find something to do .... and wait to go genting for carolling....

2 months....bye bye friends....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

back to Major class with Wilson again~

fuhh....finally after 3 weeks no lesson with Wilson and yesterday which mean the few hours ago, can attend Wilson class~ continued learn so much thing that might need time to digest it lol
have our ET1 dictation final exam just now comment. pray that I will pass...

something special happen to few of us just now. some people might

and then.....having our Christmas carol practice just now....and seems like many people
trying hard to memorize and get the correct pitch and sightsinging....hope through this will help me improve in Ear Training.
some people's were missing.... and wish xiaoming gt well soon

this week no swimming.... and so next week i think.....but hope next week got.....@.@
and now someone make milo and slowly studying his exam on

gonna watch wht wht wht meatball soon....yay~

recently found myself were so long gas in posting blog...write all wht im thinking(i mean.....a

good night.....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

facebook video

最近 facebook 里出现好多有趣,可怕,暴力,变态,温馨,感动, 等等的video,全都来自朋友的 sharing,搞到我忍不住也和大家分享下,害我有时要给人家骂,尤其是恶心的那种。。。。

现在 4.16am, 我竟然还在看。。。








week 7 now.....

came to week 7 finally.....mean tht final exam is near.....reli

last friday..... some incident happen...... few of us our recital attendance is avoided by ms Leong.....
yea i admit that im cheating in signing attendance..... cuz no choice.... is short semester....and contemporary student around my batch all time clashed with classical recital......the only one no clashed is friday contemporary recital...... so how? cheat la! i only gt chance to go IF band class cancelled major class cancelled minor class cancelled

most of the clashed slot is band class.....
ask us go out to watch concert? thought who are we? so rich ar? 10 attendance in two month.....
i was pity with few of my friends who oso been avoided their recital attendance list...... cuz they have 9 or 10 sign quite lucky cuz i have two form.....with 5 sign each form.....
complain????? useless.....
they know our situation? no way....
i was so so so mad and almost cry out that time....( lol.....feeling only.....20% gua....)
i helped xiaoming sign 1 oso been avoided..... so so so so SAD! got 6's already .... and now he dont care d..... mean extend semester lo..... so fast gave up....
arrgggg.... classical recital 3 days a week..... but they still cant sign all till today...... and they are so free..... contem student only gt 1 recital a week..... sigh......

somemore.....last week we went to north wing and wan swim there .....who know the pool is locked...... we asked the security Mr Anthony.... he said UCSI din pay the mantainance fees to the company that take care of the the company came and locked it.... so speechless that moment.....
we paid so build the pool just for took pics and post in website and newspaper?????
then Kenny them already complain to student affair....hope monday can use d....

a small little thing also cant to manage other thing...?

haiz.....this sentences...... so so so many such cases happen recently....... and I will get off frm this soon..... VERY SOON!!!!!!

my recital is done..... no feeling at
thanks to my band members Hooi Ching, Irene, Ying Hui
and thanks to guests player David, Stephanie, Yi Fen and Angela~

God bless me.....

practicing piano just now..... and played Mendelssohn Fantasies or Caprices for piano, Op. 16 by sightreading.... 3 movements..... and everything go so smoothly..... I cant do this in school......mayb i reli need a quiet enviroment..... that why i really get back my mood everytime come back home..... and some people said I homesick....and that was not true...... my parent wan me come back ...and somemore i can spend my time in concentrade in my practical practicing.....

still waiting time to answer my question.....althought i can predict what answer is it d..... lol

my major teacher i miss you.... three weeks d ... no lesson with you..... and I dont know what am I doing now especially for the samba song..... headache......
hope can see you this week.....

enviroment changed.....people changed.....
the only no changed is God...

cant regret wht has already passed...... became history in my life d..... the only things i can do is to change my future.....yea

and thanks some people around me.....let's run to our dream~

that all for now.....

God Bless*

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Holiday soon~

1st time going to have my 2 month sem break....

is good actually....

can practice a lot....
can have a short break before next semester is coming....
can meet some people that i nt often can meet ....
can concentrade on certain thing....
can rest...
can go Genting Highland, for performance purpose....

but sometimes is was not so good....

cant meet my buddies for 2 month.....
no major class..... mean mayb will lost direction in practicing.....but hope wont happen....
make me think more on something.... @.@

dont know what am i doing has benefit or not.... but I think you wont saw me here....
god bless me ~

*ps: dear my kawan2/friends.....dont think nonsense again.....


Friday, October 2, 2009

1st masterclass

Yeap.... today I attended my 1st semester degree masterclass.....which is compulsory to all degree student.

so.....i woke up early in the morning.....8am. and prepared myself to go to uni....and woke somebody in my room, also a degree student. If I dont asked him to wake up....mayb he need to extend semester

well....while waiting masterclass to begin....talked a lot with Irene haha~

and then....we choose the wrong position.....which is the top left side in recital hall.....cuz suddenly all the lecturer is all around us.....make us so uncomfortable....

masterclass by Nicholas Ong.....and the pianist to present the songs is Ko Chuan Li played rachmaninoff, karen played schumann, and emmy played beethoven pieces.

interesting progression......chuan li created romantic atmosphere at beginning....then karen bring the happiness......and EMMY was bring suprises....

suprises is the pic below....

this is after her playing.....before her playing both the doors was closed.... didnt pay electric bill suddenly black out.....and Emmy still so steady play her pieces in the dark.....running notes without mistake.....and she managed to finish the whole piece and won the big round of applause from Nicholas Ong said this is the profesional playing~

so after masterclass.....everyone ran to block D to have their quick lunch b4 the contemporary recital start. and then someone was eating Big Apple Donut as lunch wor.....the people nick name is S.R.Y.. try to figure it out...

and then recital was begun....I was planning to get the rest 6 recital attendance sign b4 this semester end.... God bless me.

Xiao Ming recital today haha~ overall you did it well~

then after for almost 1 hour i think and continue to modern band ensemble.....and my band didnt perform sit down and wait turn to give mark to band 8, which is liling, xiao ming band haha~

overall is nice.....and I think quite crazy cuz most of the band played rock, metal today! and this make me crazy.....@.@

mayb they follow the list to choose song.....@.@

so rockzzzz....... @.@

sat from 10am till 5pm....

and just now was my band turn with the other 2 band move the instrument back to the jam room....

Rouyen and Wei Le both watched with me frm masterclass till the end of modern band ensemble.....
and then at the end we went to Old Town and someone eat so much and tapau so
and someone went to donate blood but been rejected....cuz blood pressure not enough i think and.... im at home.....peace.....and just now practicing piano and my little bro complained im so noisy everytime come back.... @.@
my friends who cant go back home to gathering with their family, wish u all have a nice day in mooncake festival yea~ go FuXin hahahah~

* this is after Emmy played her song and suddenly the electricity back to normal d haha~

God bless


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Choir Midterm

just now was this semester choir midterm..... overall still ok.... did a little bit mistake but Ms Rachel said we did it well.

applied PTPTN... now wait till december.... sienz...

now waiting little Ming sent my book back to me..... because need to revision for tomorrow midterm.... Ear Training 1.
He seems like sick....if got no choice d then have to go borrow frm Irene, which is next hse to me only haha~

Took a break in busy life

just now, after practicing choir, Me, Wei Le, Tian Yi and Kenny wet to swimming at North Wing. Cant just stay in block C forever.... will be crazy....and then invited Prince Little Ming come along too.

Nice place to swim, and then we like decided to go everyweek on Tuesday 5pm. Good idea too cuz no time to go to gym or do sport... luckilly gt them to bring me along haha~ Kenny really well prepared...bring along 3

and then suddenly raining like alert us to go.... and then after we clean up ourselve... Rouyen and the gang arrived. We went to shop nearby to have our delicious FUXIN again haha~
then we walked back and bought 100yen smooth ice, lol~

ok nothing much to say.....
tomorrow MBE quiz.....God Bless Me yo~
and then Choir Midterm somemore.....geng liao.....
Biying will come to fetch me morning....haha~

Good night~

and happy birthday to Shin Hong in advance!~~~~~~

Sunday, September 27, 2009

If you think you are loser.... please watch this video....

You were born to be loved

just now in church got showed this video, reli touch my heart so deep....

thanks God His love never end for me....

really motivated a lot by this kid,

so brave...

so strong....

thanks God the end of our way is just Your beginning.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Degree 1st semester

finally entered degree 1st semester... and decided very clearly.... I will continue for contemporary~ thanks God~


Monday - 3.30pm-5pm Choir , 6pm-8pm Christmas carol practice , 8pm-10pm practice piano

Tuesday - 10am-12pm Ear Training 1, 1pm-2.30pm Major , 2pm-4pm CME ( biying ) , 4pm -5pm Vocal accompanist

Wednesday - 10am-12pm HAMM 1, 1pm-2pm MBE coaching , 2pm-3pm Minor , 3.30pm-5pm Choir , 5pm-6pm Choir sectional

Thursday - 1pm-2pm band practice, 2pm-4pm Ear Training 1, 4pm-6pm HAMM 1

Friday - 9am-12pm Master class, 12.30pm-2pm recital, 3pm-5pm MBE Ensemble

* excluded practice time for major, minor, MBE, CME, vocal.

God bless me

think so much things luckilly got ppl i can talk to lol~
know some new friends, not bad~
must work very very very hard now....especially ET..... never give up!
tomorrow go back connaught again....felt so miss talk to them haha~ and my little brother tht help me and bother me a lot, my sister voice like speaker and my elder bro

ppl say im nt simple. lol~ yea i admit im nt simple althought looked like nth frm physically,lol~

going to sleep....zzzZZZZZzzzzz

between congrat to my minor lecturer in her church new album (live DVD and CD ). they put so heavy effort on it.....

raining at outside.....missing ppl....


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Early Christmas time feel~

since after new sem begun, we started to practice christmas songs, and auditioned last week for Genting Highland performance. o ya... we form a group of 20 people, a choir / acapella team.
total up we need to practice 24 songs and memorize before december coming. so...equal to 4 songs each week for memorising..... wanna faint d.

a little bit stress leh....
my contemporary course is ngam ngam packed for me and somemore short sem....
then have to help someone CME playing something that i already dint work out for such a long time.... - trumpet.
dont know how to help.... my skill is really limited now.... @.@
playing trumpet like...building muscle...need time i hope still work well lo...

then have to help people vocal class to play piano as accompanist.

i realize that i must work hard for my own stuff d.... no more extra help next sem on.... for certain people i still on to help.

someone sound like sick d here....i mean in my room.....

sleep.... hope can wake up later haha~

great beginning of this semester, a lot things happen, changing and changing every semester, hope people are on the track....dont felt left by me..... because time is going on....our life is going on.... be the eagle not the chicken.... do the great things....

God lead my way....

really good night now :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009


suddenly felt that there is few people just like dissappear from my sight in this semester....

not for fun i mean..... we work together last semester or in the same group....

Ling dissappear althought we still can meet each other in choir, but really....she busy hers, im busy mine haha~ used to be in choir commitee member last semester and now passed to the new generation, and became her major class pianist. had a lot of fun and learned a lot. thanks Ling Yn.

and Anthony.....this one totally dissappear. He said he come back next week, so look forward to see him around.

have to get use to new life in degree now, so far still fine. in foundation that time, Friday usually is my holiday but now no more haha.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yeah~! congratulation!!!

First of all, I would like to congrat to those new choir commitee members, hahah~

President : Quek Shio Yii
Vice President : Hong Liang (takeover my place hahahah~)
Secrectary : Soh Rou Yen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Treasurer : Janice ~

congratz!!!! i has downgraded became sectional leader.....hopefully next sem no more seat for me.
Saw a lot new faces that never seen b4 around music school.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

BBQ day

hehe~ just nw we having simple BBQ party at home...i mean at connaught ...

hmmm.....very funny cuz me, YJ, Janice and Weil Le was first time setup up the 'altar' haha~ reli ran out of idea how to keep the fire...until me and janice went to Esso to buy RM1 petrol...ermmm...i got bring a bottle la...kakakkakaka

everyone was late then the foods still can b finished i think....didnt check...
have a quite nice moment .... and playing PS2.... chit chat as everyone didnt see each other for 1 week something...haha.
two birthday boy and girl, anf YJ has prepared a nice cake as celebration. So nice tht cake haha~
o ya...BiYing was appear at dunno what time....with her luggages haha~ So good she still can come even just back from Melaka.

just quite mad with cleaning part....
i think this is the last party with them.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

room cleaning

yea... everyone was enjoying their sem break and so me. now back to connaught here d and prepare for tuesday new semester.

just finished cleaning the room and toilet....walao....
1hr something to finish all.
nw waiting YJ come fetch me to go buy stuff for tomorrow BBQ party...

headache...dunno how to seperate myself into two.... another BBQ party also must go......2 BBQ party in the same time..... God help me.....

Tag again hahahahaha~

Rule #1:If you open this or got tagged you take it.

Rule #2:You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you and asks

Q: Kissed someone on your friends list?

-yes? hahahah~

Q: Been arrested?

-=.= no

Q: Do you like someone?

-haha~ mayb? lol

Q: Held a snake?


Q: Been suspended from school?

-no such chance i

Q: Sang karaoke?

-at least 2 hours a week but soon 5 hours a uni recital hall. compulsory. expensive

Q: Done something you told yourself you wouldn't do?

- ermmmm i dunno.

Q: Laughed until you started crying?

-long time ago...

Q: Caught a snowflake on your tongue?


Q: Kissed in the rain?

-wow~ hope can try out nia...wakakakak

Q: Sang in the shower?


Q: Sat on a roof top?


Q: Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?


Q: Broken a bone?

- @@ ... especially fingers...

Q: Shaved your head?


Q: Played a prank on someone?


Q: Shot a gun?


Q: Donated Blood?



1. You hung out with?


2. You texted?


3. You were in a car with?


4. Went to the movies with?


5. Person you went to shop with?


6. You talked on the phone?


7. Made you laugh?


8. You hugged?


1. Sun or moon?


2. Winter or Fall?


3. Left or Right?


4. Sunny or rainy?


5. Where do you live?

-Connaught and Mantin

6. Club or pub?


7. Are there 1 or 2 people who you can always trust and rely on?


8. Do you want to get married?

-mayb not,haha~

9. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?

-@@ ... i put it in mouth

10. What time is it?


11. Are you afraid of commitment?


12. What is your greatest hope/wish?

-God lead me~

13. Current mood?

-i always SMILE~ and missing someone haha~


1. Kissed someone?

-my little bro. haha~

2. Sang?

-yeap..mayb 1 min

3. Listened to music?


4. Danced Crazy?

-=.= ...

5. Cried?


6. Liked someone you can't have?


25 FIRSTS .....

1.Who was your first prom/formal date?


2. Who was your first roommate?

-at parent...outside secondary sch

3. What alcoholic beverage did you drink when you got drunk the first time?


4. What was your first job?


6. When did you go to your first funeral and viewing?

7. Who was your first grade teacher?

9. Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane?

10. When you snuck out of your house for the first time?
-im very guai zai....

11. Who was your first best friend?

12. Who was your first Best Friend in high school?
-Shau Yu

13. Where was your first sleepover?
-sleep a while gt....

14. Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day?
-my God

15. Who's wedding were you in the first time you were a Bridesmaid or groomsman?
-never =.=

16. What's the first thing you did when you got up this morning?

17. What was the first concert you went to?

18. What was the last concert you went to?
-my sister school concert?? @.@ ... or....MPYO concert???

20. First celebrity crush?

21. Current celebrity crush?

22. First crush?

23. Current crush?

24. First date?
-ermmm.....ask me personally.,...that also if u think u gt the right....

25. First time you tied your shoe lace? \
-primary sch....

Five names you go by:

1. WeiWei

2. JiaWai

3. gorgor

4. waiwai

5. vice president =.=

Three things you are wearing right now:


Three things you want very badly at the moment:

God....someone....go home....

Two things you did last night:

1. Msn
2. Eat

Two things you ate today:

1. BBQ
2.Pan Mee

Two people you last talked to on the phone:

Rou Yen and mum

Three things you are going to do tomorrow:

1. go to class

2. do some private things

3. practice

Two longest car rides:

1. Sandakan

2. Penang

Favorite beverages:

1. Cincau

2. Lime

3. milky tea

Who do you want to beat up very badly now:
- no one.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


seems like is time to use the new spectacle....
my sightness and Astigmatism(perharp this is 散光 i spell it has extremely decreased..... @@
still wearing the old spec this few days ...

school reopen soon....happy or sad? lol.
Degree student already....finally.
still got a long way to go.....God bless me ~

this sem break....what i has did.....
hang out with KeatKeat...
stay at home practicing....
clean the house since all of us in holiday mode....
practicing a lot lo......hope this coming sem would b easier for

still missing someone so

Friday, August 28, 2009


finally can saw 2 subjects results - Office Application & Computing Essentials

so happy passed this two subjects d especially CE..... amazing~ miracle~ wowwwwww!!!~ wakakakakakaka

4 more subjects to go.....i mean.....waiting.... =.=


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

RY attack me!!!! bt....

she attack me terbalik the name .... using the post below......

bt.....nt enuf!!!~ her time of post n mine....wakakakkaka

chatting with RY(RichYen) aka RouYen

Rich is mean wht oso she gt
Yen mean....japanese currency - Yen
all about...MONEY $$$$$$$

rou yen says:
u tot i lik ppl so rich meh??
go the face shop..once not enough, somemore need 2nd round
i use birdnest to do mask 1
w@! says:
tsk tsk...
i will remember this

rou yen says:
my bro teached me this
he use birdnest 2 泡脚

w@! says:
tsk tsk tsk...
rich ppl reli rich ppl
i copy this conversation
post to blog

rou yen says:
u dare?
whn sku reopen thn u noe...
u this bad ppl
joking only oso so serious

w@! says:
rou yen says:
my bro wan me 2 tell u
w@! says:
this one reli classic lo
must post

rou yen says:
he wanted me to tell u this
don post
as a secret here la...
w@! says:
o cheh
i oso knw this le
rou yen says:
don use the face shop la
use natural thing ma..
birdnest is the best ma

w@! says:
u go find pearl lo

w@! says:
im nt u lo
so rich
birdnest how much a box
rou yen says:
my house gt a storeroom for birdnest ma...
din buy 1 box la..
w@! says:
good lo
i will copy n paste after this
u watch out
rou yen says:
my bro teached me 1
walao...u tot i wil so thick face meh..
my bro wil only la

w@! says:
i dun care
i will post soon

rou yen says:
wah...plz la..
w@! says:
i gtg le
b4 go
i post 1st
rou yen says:

w@! says:
reli classic

rou yen says:
walao bro typed all de
w@! says:
rou yen says:
w@! says:
i dun care
rou yen says:
u this bad vice president

w@! says:
i suggest u la
1 more natural way
rou yen says:
suggest la..
sure is stupid idea

w@! says:
blend cockroach.....use as mask...
rou yen says:
heard b4
w@! says:
cuz it contain high antibody
rou yen says:
japanese use this way ma
told us d la..

w@! says:
good la
ask ur bro do it
rou yen says:
my bro said he storeroom for the birdnest
after using finish, only try yr way
u better don post
w@! says:
i will post nw
rou yen says:
walao..u dare?
whn sku reopen, u will noe
i wil shout at u

so.....this is wht we chatted just nw~~~~~

1st time swim at Notthingham

lol~ early in the morning.....take KTM about 20 min to Serdang....frm meet keatkeat. (a good outing buddy). We planned to go his uni to swimming.

1st time take KTM for such long journey lol~ not bad exprience haha~

then met keatkeat at Serdang and he drive....head to Notthingham....
walao.....the uni grand! there is so many many building......hostel oso gt so many building.....and the main point is.....there is a 'sport complex'. haha~ because only left foundation there is no ppl using those facilities at all....just two of us so

then tanned skin in the pool.....and the result dark!!!!
we clean up and then looked at each dark!!!!
then we went to Broga to eat pan mien.....nice~ and 1st time i found cincau drink in cube in KL!!! lol~
after tht......he drive me to looked around in Kajang since time is still so much haha. bt ended up went to his hse. and i was......wah!!~ i wonder hw he clean his house everyday....wht a good guy.... which girl dun wan him reli blind lol~
then again...mafan him fetch me went back to my aunty saloon. and ahng at there until my parent come to fetch me.

o dad van window is broken cuz a rock hit it, ermmmmm...the rock is cuz by grass cutter dad pro lo.....stick it...while waiting my cousin factory new glass.... night.....i accidently broken my mum rice cooker glass cap......@@ luckilly din gt scold lol~

anyway.....over d....pass d haha~ reli have a nice dahy with keatkeat haha~ a part of my holiday colour lol~

time to sleep......zzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzz

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1st time swim at north wing

today is 1st day of my sem break started. early in the morning gt up and gt ready to go north wing swim with keatkeat as planned lol~

met at KTM station and then head to north wing. saw some students busy studying for final exam lol~ luckilly mine is finish and can throw away the token i still wan to keep the token until i graduate lol~ so....i bought a bun frm cafe and then we direct went to the pool.
gosh....that pool reli high class !!! no ppl swim there cuz exam period....only two of us....walao....
reli.....nice view~ and the water clean too lol~ I used Zen id to sign keat up lol~
swim about 1 hour then we go clean up and then.....shim~ poof*

and then.....saw DR PNG in north wing hall like conducting coordination for next week grand choral concert wor~! lol~ then we dunno wht to eat as lunch and gt up shuttle bus.....
thought wan to gt down at south wing to eat somewhere around.....who knw at last decided to go back north wing to eat and then we sat in the bus for quite long time while waiting the bus is

lunch and thn went back south wing, and keat keat went KTM to went home. We discovered tht.....non malaysian reli tiada budaya or no moral......dunno how to que up de.....grrrrr we dun care and just ignore those china girls ....nt because went gentlemen bt the fact is...they deserve thos black black oso the same.......tiada budaya......
on the way to south wing....we saw a funny scene in the bus.......there is a wife and husband sit together in front...the wife sit near window while the husband sit beside her.....then there is nt enough seat and some ppl was standing.......beside the husband there is a black girl standing. the black girl was stand near and facing the husband. u guys knw la.....their front size...can make ppl so the husband seem like so embrassing and just look outside the bus ....while the girl is reli reli near to the husband only! me and wei keat was laugh like crazy! keatkeat said....the girl was like trying to tell the husband ....'come on baby~ i going to feed u~!'......wakakakakak~ somemore the girl keep look at the husband wife and her emotion was like....cartoon.....SS.....=_='''

lol~ after tht i went to practice sightreading a while since i din bring any score and borrow xin chze de..... then somemore suddenly tangan gatal and invited me go CC again!!!!!!! @@

ok tht all for today.....thanks keatkeat again lol~

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

watched G.I Joe with ah KeAt~

today... woke up early in the morning and get ready to go MV with ah keat ~
then who know he almost reach tasik selatan, and we promised to go there together. I still stuck in the UCSI shuttle he really stop at tasik selatan to wait me lo....what a good fren nia~ lol

go MV and bought 11am movie tickets, and then since we still gt about 1 more hour then i decided to fill my stomach at food court. nt too bad la the foods there.....just keatkeat sat there watch me eat, a bit paiseh lol~

finished my 'breakfast' and went in the cinema....

since KTM station till the end of 'journey' we keep thinking...why gt a lot ppl so free nia...?
b4 movie start....a lot superb ad shown....reli zha

overall this movie reli nice, haha~ to all of my beloved fren, u guys must watch lol~although u guys still in exam

when movie is finish......we quickly went out b4 we stuck in the crowded exit cuz the door just beside me haha~ wht we noticed tht......many of the audiences was working ppl !!! i wonder why they gt no work to do....or they think ....'sit in working place nth to do....better sit in cinema at least gt something to see...'.......=_=......

ok.....forget it....then ..... o ya....when i was still watching cinema....YJ called me and asked me to buy them doughnuts frm krispy after movie we go help them buy haha~ no promotion set, because of their desperate...they still wan buy.....6's.
ok.....after tht....two of us keep asked each other decide wht to eat....@@
u, me, u, me, u, me....... and we suddenly went in a candy shop! lol~ so many yummy candy! then i pick a pack of gummy candy for my family.....keatkeat oso tak tahan with all the candy and he grab a pack too wakakakak~ two men's bought
continue.....hunt for food.....again......and i decided to go for laksa. when we went there.....there is only 1 table ppl course cancelled this plan la! lol~ walk here n there.....pass by some shop for 6 times oledi still dunno wht to eat...@@
at last we decided ....FOOD COURT
again! lol~
eat eat eAt..........and someone seem like eat many kidding la! haha
then chat a lot and 'lung' a lot.....=_='''
lol~ time flies reli reli fast nia.....we went home by KTM again ... and who know....KTM delayed for almost 20 mins....@@
bt, good cuz still can spend time with ah keat and talk talk talk lol~
cuz of delayed.....getting more and more ppl ...... bt we manage to gt up
wht a 'superb' KTM train.....stop on the half way tim.....=_=.....
i gt down at bandar tasik selatan and ah keat continue to the next station which is serdang, haha~
dunno when we will go out again but reli thx for the time you spend haha~
i found a good partner, suitable for shopping cuz we r RUNNER. lol~ my frens.....dun gt shock next time go out with me and my speed is train by this guy called keatkeat haha~
and a lot unexpressable things ...
look forward the next outing or mayb we shall go swimming d?lol~
anyway......thanks again haha~

o ya....good luck to those malaysian music and world music

Sunday, August 9, 2009

play tag again wakakakak~

Pass this tag to 10 people: -

1. Jia En
2. Yong Jia
3. Su Wen
4. Kar Foo
5. Wei Keat
6. Sheila
7. Rou Yen
8. Yun
9. Irene
10. Li Ling

1. Would you date number 5?
- my pleasure to date him haha~ ^^

2. Number 2 just got a car crash and how do you react?
- call ambulans....he need it

3. You see no.9 with your boy/girlfriend. What do you do?
- nothing.... bt i think ppl think we are couple more..... biasa d.....

4. You come home and your room has been ransacked by number 4.
- wah....i dunno wht my respone thn....mayb just reaarange after he left or..... 'ransack' him? lol~

5. Number 1 is acting weird.
- ermmm....she always like tht im ok with it d......

6. Number 3 and 8 decide to give 10 a haircut.
- ermmm....impossible.....no3 that one bite 10 hair gua cuz keep on SS laughing.....no8 wont cut cuz she cant reach out 10 hair haha~ lol~

7. Number 7 just got a ticket for him/her and you to go to a concert.
- her house gt diamonds.....i prefer go to her house watch

8. Number 10 takes you to a bar.
- yea....Bangkok scold by

9. No. 4 has to move to the other side of the world.
- i will miss still can contact in msn/skype/facebook/friendster/yahoo......

10. You and number 8 are being chased by the cops for an unknown reason.
- then hit those cops. (violent lol~)

11. Number 7 and you sitting on the couch watching a movie when her/him wrap his/her arm around you.
- impossible.....i will call

12. Number 5 ask you out for dinner.
- I will always be there haha~

13. Number 9 and you are sitting on the bus.
- so????lol~ we will have great time on the bus hahah~

14. Number 6 calls you in the middle of night because she/he can't sleep.
- she gt problem lo ...... i will help her

15. You're walking with someone and number 6 runs up and tackles you to the ground from behind.
- ermmm.....she wont cuz b4 she tackle me i oledi knw.......

16. Number 1 is crying one day and you ask him/her why and it seems their boy/girlfriend has dumped them.
- o.....then mayb....say hi to her..? lol

17. Number 2 offers to bake you a meal. As you sit in the other room, the kitchen suddenly aflame.
- movies again lo..... go toilet carry the largest tank or whtever tht can save the situation....

18. Number 4 comes to your door one day holding a koala.
- secret. lol

19. Number 4 just got u an x-box.
- mayb just play once a

20. Number 1 thinks he/she's overweight
- she gt mental problem

21. Number 7 looks lonely.
- she oso gt mental problem =_='''

22.Number 2 asks you rudely to go leave him/her alone.
- wont gua.....i will leave b4 ppl ask me lol

23. Number 5 and 3 decide to throw a surprise party for you.
- two of them saw each other b4 bt impossible gua...

24. Number 6 decide to dye her/his hair black. What do you say about that?
- my eye gt problem..? @@

25. Number 7 tells you he/she is going to go out for a while, and then later you hear about a shooting where he/she went.
- she kentut.

26. Number 1, 3, 5 and 6 all tackle at you once. Is it possible?
- IMPOSSIBLE. i can defeat no1 with one hand. i can defeat no3 with one soft kick. No5 wont ever tackle me cuz...haha. No6......said d lor....she wont ever kena me

Saturday, August 8, 2009

the end of 3rd Sem choir~

yea~ yesterday was the concert for this semester choir. Everyone did it quite well and this semester audiences was the most i ever see since 1st semester! full seat until have to sit on the floor haha~
this oso mean that i just left 1 more day to become VICE PRESIDENT that is 1st class of next semester choir lol~ who will be the next to replace me/us.....agak agak pun tau sudah hahaha~
For pictures and video.....u guys can check it out in my facebook >

thanks guys for upload and tagging me yea~ especially Jia En, Beatrice, Yun~ thanks girls~

then i found my recital vid was uploaded by Jia En !!!!! so malu!!!!!! grrrrrr.....

o ya.....after choir concert.....all of us......few gangs went to OLD TOWN CAFE and everyone wore can see the old town like gangster place....wakakakak~

Friday morning, woke up by Stephenz zai...... actually nt enough sleep cuz was too tired.....wht to do..... cuz have to help him play piano in his vocal group class haha~ this time lagi geng....i just gt the score 1 hr b4 group class.....luckilly simple then i thought many ppl bt who knw.....8 of us only wakakakakka~ Eunice played piano for Zi Ming....oso same situation.....just gt the songs 1 hr b4 class i all so PRO-nya~ nt bad and Zi Ming performance was so nice haha~
so....went home and now blogging....after just now busy chatting with so so so many ppl haha~

o ya~ wish *someone* happy belated birthday again~ 7th August~ not far from me actually~
this ppl is looked cool bt he is so crazy haha~ o ya....he dun wan me spread his birthday around.....:)

wan pengsan d....gonna off d haha~

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

studying at library now~~~~

yea~ me, YJ, Suwen, RY studying at library now~
talking and studying...some ppl sleeping.....some ppl keep say cant study.....

anyway....tomorrow exam d.....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thx Wei Keat ^^

yea~ today met Wei Keat as he so free to have lunch with me. So we decided to go Leisure Mall.
suppose to be I wait him at train station...who know ...... UCSI shuttle bus was late..... make him have to wait me dunno for how long.... @@ so sorry nia haha!

so what I did..... I waited shuttle bus and suddenly a group US people came to me and have a friendly chat with me, they was so o yea....they came to Malaysia for youth church conference.....and what i found that.....their style not like the Middle East and black people... can say that....easy going and easy to chat haha~chat liek the chinese....crazy like i crazy to friend lol~ easpecially playting magic trick haha~ one of the girl trying to learn the pro guy but she ended up laught by us lol~ friend....I gonna play with you all d this trick haha~ especially suwen....she wont ever find out the secret lol~

then shuttle bus came and manage to gt up....when reach train station, I saw Suwen waiting to gt up bus haha~ so i gt down to greet her and trying to gt some fight but she seem like so good mood wor haha~ ignored her and look for wei keat and he wait me at taxi stop haha~ greet him and so paiseh let him wait haha~ suddenly when i turn back, AUNTY SUWEN at my back!!!! pity her cant gt up the bus hahahahaha!!!!!!!! so we have a short chat as me and keatkeat wait for taxi haha~ still trying to gt up her nerve bt she manage to control wor haha~ well done aunty! then there is a taxi and then two of us ask and gt up, keatkeat offered rm10 to the taxi which i was shocked!!! lol~ then after leave tasik selatan.....I found that i havent say bye bye to AUNTY SUWEN....wakakakak~

when reached leisure mall, after gt off frm the taxi, keatkeat was so gek sei!!! he should not offer so high pay !!! rm8 is enough for him!!!! lol....pity him.... then we walk around leisure mall to find a place to have our lunch.....and finally chosen Wong Kwok cafe....
when order foods....keep ask him make decision becuase he is the boss of the day lol~
and then have a nice lunch and nice chat ~

after lunch we go back and i accompany him back to station and i can gt shuttle bus ride there....he keep ask me stop at ucsi....=_='''
so at last oso send him till train station lo....and terbalik pula...he accompany me till shuttle bus came haha~
reli thanks him came to spend everything with me~ such a good bro ~ you spend ur time, and spend money without let me pay even 1 cent just for my bday, thx bro~ love you ~

then took shuttle bus back to sch lo.....practicing and suddenly ter-sleep pula....sleep almost 1 an hour on the piano.....and when gt up my hand and foot cant move !!! suffer tht kind of feel....@@ have to stone for a few mins b4 everything gt back normally..... so lesson i learned is dun sleep in practice room lol~

haha~ today i wore gifted shirt frm RY team, thx frens~

so.... quite tired and somemore practicing just now.....

good night...~

Saturday, August 1, 2009

countdown to my birthday

now is 11.38pm... 22mins to go...lolx~

Friday, July 31, 2009

Finally...recital is over !!!

today.... i been woke up by Stephen cuz overslept...thanks bro~
then get ready myself and waited him come to pick me.... around 8am something.

we reached at school.....and planned to try out the Boston in recital hall ....who know been locked again!!!! !@#$%
really tak tahan UCSI why so greedy !!!! and someone students can use anytime but we cant!! although we used oso will been scold ! thought we will steal or broke the piano meh????!!!! really unfair !!! pay the same fees and came from far but gt the different treat !!!! ( u guys know what am I talking about...), stephen, shing lay and chien hui used the upright piano there lo.....and 10am we left cuz world music student having their listening exam there!!! ( luckilly i Stephen help me.... ) i dunno how they did lol~

went down and saw Zen and his gang of friends...duno is sengaja come find me or just passed by, they came to 109 practices room area to wish me happy birthday !!! and sung a bday song for me ~ thanks guys !!!!!

then.....have a quick lunch and went up recital hall to get ready ..... reli reli reli nervous !!!!!
nervous....nervous......and most funny is Quek and Ashley nervous till stomach
when everything was set up and I was the 1st to perform ! many people came ! lol~
i reli nervous till only know wht am i played at beginning n ending....@@
the worst leg keep shaking !!! i cant control it and all my pedal effect lost ! played wrong note somemore !!!! waliao!!!!!
so sorry to my friends that expect me to play good...... @@

thank to all of them attend this recital, and some of them stayed down just cuz of this recital and late to go home..... reli thanks~ and thanks Kar Foo came and support me....sorry cuz didn did well @@

after recital....felt like my burden was left on Boston piano d.... and then followed Irene and others friends go to Secret Recepi, cuz Irene and Liling wan to celebrate my bday earlier lol~
Stephen, Christina, YJ, SH, Janice and BYing was there with me haha~ thx guys~
and thanks LLing n Irene cuz gave me a early bday present~ thanks gals~ like it so much haha~

From Irene and LiLing

will upload some pics soon.....

and thanks all those bday wishes frm facebook and sms haha~