Sunday, November 8, 2009


Just now went to MV to buy stuff that needed for Genting caroling.
woke up in the early morning and took KTM to Bandar tasik Selatan to meet RY, Yun and XC. Then we went to MV together.

Thanks a lot to the girls that helped me out a lot. Girls always the girls.... so good in shopping. All my stuff ended up bought at SEED. Cost me a big amount.... @.@
why Genting did not sponsor for us..... so selfish...

before we start to buy we have our early lunch at food court above Toy R us. Early in the morning all of us eat spicy stingray.... so so so hot !

anyway... unexpected shopping and .... again.... my pocket.... @.@

now gonna take a short nap and do my major lesson homework later.... fuh....

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