Saturday, August 8, 2009

the end of 3rd Sem choir~

yea~ yesterday was the concert for this semester choir. Everyone did it quite well and this semester audiences was the most i ever see since 1st semester! full seat until have to sit on the floor haha~
this oso mean that i just left 1 more day to become VICE PRESIDENT that is 1st class of next semester choir lol~ who will be the next to replace me/us.....agak agak pun tau sudah hahaha~
For pictures and video.....u guys can check it out in my facebook >

thanks guys for upload and tagging me yea~ especially Jia En, Beatrice, Yun~ thanks girls~

then i found my recital vid was uploaded by Jia En !!!!! so malu!!!!!! grrrrrr.....

o ya.....after choir concert.....all of us......few gangs went to OLD TOWN CAFE and everyone wore can see the old town like gangster place....wakakakak~

Friday morning, woke up by Stephenz zai...... actually nt enough sleep cuz was too tired.....wht to do..... cuz have to help him play piano in his vocal group class haha~ this time lagi geng....i just gt the score 1 hr b4 group class.....luckilly simple then i thought many ppl bt who knw.....8 of us only wakakakakka~ Eunice played piano for Zi Ming....oso same situation.....just gt the songs 1 hr b4 class i all so PRO-nya~ nt bad and Zi Ming performance was so nice haha~
so....went home and now blogging....after just now busy chatting with so so so many ppl haha~

o ya~ wish *someone* happy belated birthday again~ 7th August~ not far from me actually~
this ppl is looked cool bt he is so crazy haha~ o ya....he dun wan me spread his birthday around.....:)

wan pengsan d....gonna off d haha~

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