Saturday, March 3, 2012


Thanks God
for being with me
since when I first stepped in Abundant Music Centre
A lots of thing happen
and I am able to overcome it 1 by 1
learnt from all good and bad
by His grace and power
everything is possible

After today teaching
I feel proud and happy
I got a student
joined my studio
2 months time
and his parent satisfied with me
and happy to see their son is improved

He is a special student
I still remember before he go under me
admin asked me many times
to consider properly
because this is a special kid
need a lot of patient, love
without thinking so much
I agreed on the spot to accept him
as my student

I think God really prepared for me
because I can understood what he trying to say and what he want
and he seems like me so much
with a happy face every time see me from far
what a cute boy haha

2 months time
and now
he able to recognize the notes well
good respond and rhythm
and getting better

Im really happy to see his improvement
and God really show his mercy
Love God, and you will know how to love people
yes I really understood this term

I can say
every students of mine is really has a lot of stories
is a miracles for me