Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thx Wei Keat ^^

yea~ today met Wei Keat as he so free to have lunch with me. So we decided to go Leisure Mall.
suppose to be I wait him at train station...who know ...... UCSI shuttle bus was late..... make him have to wait me dunno for how long.... @@ so sorry nia haha!

so what I did..... I waited shuttle bus and suddenly a group US people came to me and have a friendly chat with me, they was so funny.....lol~ o yea....they came to Malaysia for youth church conference.....and what i found that.....their style not like the Middle East and black people... can say that....easy going and easy to chat haha~chat liek the chinese....crazy like i crazy to friend lol~ easpecially playting magic trick haha~ one of the girl trying to learn the pro guy but she ended up laught by us lol~ friend....I gonna play with you all d this trick haha~ especially suwen....she wont ever find out the secret lol~

then shuttle bus came and manage to gt up....when reach train station, I saw Suwen waiting to gt up bus haha~ so i gt down to greet her and trying to gt some fight but she seem like so good mood wor haha~ ignored her and look for wei keat and he wait me at taxi stop haha~ greet him and so paiseh let him wait haha~ suddenly when i turn back, AUNTY SUWEN at my back!!!! pity her cant gt up the bus hahahahaha!!!!!!!! so we have a short chat as me and keatkeat wait for taxi haha~ still trying to gt up her nerve bt she manage to control wor haha~ well done aunty! then there is a taxi and then two of us ask and gt up, keatkeat offered rm10 to the taxi which i was shocked!!! lol~ then after leave tasik selatan.....I found that i havent say bye bye to AUNTY SUWEN....wakakakak~

when reached leisure mall, after gt off frm the taxi, keatkeat was so gek sei!!! he should not offer so high pay !!! rm8 is enough for him!!!! lol....pity him.... then we walk around leisure mall to find a place to have our lunch.....and finally chosen Wong Kwok cafe....
when order foods....keep ask him make decision becuase he is the boss of the day lol~
and then have a nice lunch and nice chat ~

after lunch we go back and i accompany him back to station and i can gt shuttle bus ride there....he keep ask me stop at ucsi....=_='''
so at last oso send him till train station lo....and terbalik pula...he accompany me till shuttle bus came haha~
reli thanks him came to spend everything with me~ such a good bro ~ you spend ur time, and spend money without let me pay even 1 cent just for my bday, thx bro~ love you ~

then took shuttle bus back to sch lo.....practicing and suddenly ter-sleep pula....sleep almost 1 an hour on the piano.....and when gt up my hand and foot cant move !!! walaoeh....so suffer tht kind of feel....@@ have to stone for a few mins b4 everything gt back normally..... so lesson i learned is dun sleep in practice room lol~

haha~ today i wore gifted shirt frm RY team, thx frens~

so.... quite tired and somemore practicing just now.....

good night...~

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