Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Degree 1st semester

finally entered degree 1st semester... and decided very clearly.... I will continue for contemporary~ thanks God~


Monday - 3.30pm-5pm Choir , 6pm-8pm Christmas carol practice , 8pm-10pm practice piano

Tuesday - 10am-12pm Ear Training 1, 1pm-2.30pm Major , 2pm-4pm CME ( biying ) , 4pm -5pm Vocal accompanist

Wednesday - 10am-12pm HAMM 1, 1pm-2pm MBE coaching , 2pm-3pm Minor , 3.30pm-5pm Choir , 5pm-6pm Choir sectional

Thursday - 1pm-2pm band practice, 2pm-4pm Ear Training 1, 4pm-6pm HAMM 1

Friday - 9am-12pm Master class, 12.30pm-2pm recital, 3pm-5pm MBE Ensemble

* excluded practice time for major, minor, MBE, CME, vocal.

God bless me wht....lol~

think so much things recently....bt luckilly got ppl i can talk to lol~
know some new friends, not bad~
must work very very very hard now....especially ET..... never give up!
tomorrow go back connaught again....felt so miss home.....my bed....my parent....to talk to them haha~ and my little brother tht help me and bother me a lot, my sister voice like speaker and my elder bro kacau-ing.lol~

ppl say im nt simple. lol~ yea i admit im nt simple althought looked like nth frm physically,lol~

going to sleep....zzzZZZZZzzzzz

between congrat to my minor lecturer in her church new album (live DVD and CD ). they put so heavy effort on it.....

raining at outside.....missing ppl....


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