Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Took a break in busy life

just now, after practicing choir, Me, Wei Le, Tian Yi and Kenny wet to swimming at North Wing. Cant just stay in block C forever.... will be crazy....and then invited Prince Little Ming come along too.

Nice place to swim, and then we like decided to go everyweek on Tuesday 5pm. Good idea too cuz no time to go to gym or do sport... luckilly gt them to bring me along haha~ Kenny really well prepared...bring along 3

and then suddenly raining like alert us to go.... and then after we clean up ourselve... Rouyen and the gang arrived. We went to shop nearby to have our delicious FUXIN again haha~
then we walked back and bought 100yen smooth ice, lol~

ok nothing much to say.....
tomorrow MBE quiz.....God Bless Me yo~
and then Choir Midterm somemore.....geng liao.....
Biying will come to fetch me morning....haha~

Good night~

and happy birthday to Shin Hong in advance!~~~~~~

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