Friday, October 2, 2009

1st masterclass

Yeap.... today I attended my 1st semester degree masterclass.....which is compulsory to all degree student.

so.....i woke up early in the morning.....8am. and prepared myself to go to uni....and woke somebody in my room, also a degree student. If I dont asked him to wake up....mayb he need to extend semester

well....while waiting masterclass to begin....talked a lot with Irene haha~

and then....we choose the wrong position.....which is the top left side in recital hall.....cuz suddenly all the lecturer is all around us.....make us so uncomfortable....

masterclass by Nicholas Ong.....and the pianist to present the songs is Ko Chuan Li played rachmaninoff, karen played schumann, and emmy played beethoven pieces.

interesting progression......chuan li created romantic atmosphere at beginning....then karen bring the happiness......and EMMY was bring suprises....

suprises is the pic below....

this is after her playing.....before her playing both the doors was closed.... didnt pay electric bill suddenly black out.....and Emmy still so steady play her pieces in the dark.....running notes without mistake.....and she managed to finish the whole piece and won the big round of applause from Nicholas Ong said this is the profesional playing~

so after masterclass.....everyone ran to block D to have their quick lunch b4 the contemporary recital start. and then someone was eating Big Apple Donut as lunch wor.....the people nick name is S.R.Y.. try to figure it out...

and then recital was begun....I was planning to get the rest 6 recital attendance sign b4 this semester end.... God bless me.

Xiao Ming recital today haha~ overall you did it well~

then after for almost 1 hour i think and continue to modern band ensemble.....and my band didnt perform sit down and wait turn to give mark to band 8, which is liling, xiao ming band haha~

overall is nice.....and I think quite crazy cuz most of the band played rock, metal today! and this make me crazy.....@.@

mayb they follow the list to choose song.....@.@

so rockzzzz....... @.@

sat from 10am till 5pm....

and just now was my band turn with the other 2 band move the instrument back to the jam room....

Rouyen and Wei Le both watched with me frm masterclass till the end of modern band ensemble.....
and then at the end we went to Old Town and someone eat so much and tapau so
and someone went to donate blood but been rejected....cuz blood pressure not enough i think and.... im at home.....peace.....and just now practicing piano and my little bro complained im so noisy everytime come back.... @.@
my friends who cant go back home to gathering with their family, wish u all have a nice day in mooncake festival yea~ go FuXin hahahah~

* this is after Emmy played her song and suddenly the electricity back to normal d haha~

God bless


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