Sunday, August 29, 2010




Monday, August 23, 2010


semester break...
nothing much I can do here
parent thought I am holiday maid
keep ask me do this do that
I wonder how if I am dead
life still go on right

Can't really concentrate in practicing piano
they are just too bothering me
that's why
sometimes I don't felt wanna stay too long here
make me crazy
now I just wish time can go fast
next week
next week
school reopen at 1st Sep
and I decided to go back by 30th Aug
set my mood back
let me be alone
but now is different
I felt
something missing
when I am alone

everyone going to vacation this week
fly here fly there
may be I should treat myself better
don't care
I must plan somewhere to go next semester break
backpacking alone?

listening to by Miles Davis
what a lonely music and sounded so nice

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jeffrey Belated Birthday Dinner

12/8, our beloved Ah Leeng birthday
we really had a very belated dinner with him at 16/8
have a fun moment on that night

lovely 'couple' XD

this is what you should do when camera in front of you.... nonstop posing!

here come their BRAND...

our cute ah leeng~~~~


cute TennSen XD

snap snap snap

They really mean a lot to me....
thanks guys and a girl there, haha~

guess what industry he is in? see the way he posing....

thanks to Jeffrey for capturing all these photos

see his cute face haha

another cute fella that crazy the whole night....I dare not post much here.....LOL

make me think of....toad eggs....

see.... she never thinking of what to pose....

this also....

this one.... wanna burn his face may be... LOL

Jeffrey and Ryan

guess what is that??????? *clue: we did it before in primary school...

work so hard to figure out how to create that stuff....and ended up only me figure it out....
Ah Jun so excited!

I can't tahan everytime saw these kind of expression....


this one nice~

camera mens of the night~
TennSen and Jeffrey

Ah Jun very happy cuz got so many husbands

And then we went to SnowFlakes for desserts~

brand lai de....

with the UFO...

our desserts~

we don't mind each other saliva... XD
and Ah Jun famous in shake the spoon.... I don't know....and she kept a distance with the bowls, hahahahahah~~~~~

Honestly I am very glad to be with you all
thank you guys ^^
and wanna thanks Jeffrey and Ryan
thanks for being there all the time

Friday, August 20, 2010

Late post of my birthday celebration

Here is a few pictures of my birthday celebration by dear Jeffrey, Ryan, Ah Jun and TennSen
although is simple but it's great~

Me and Ryan

Jun and Jeff

Baby Mah and TennSen XD


This one really 'thanks' to Jeff! Forced me to drink XD

Ah Jun and Me



Jeff & Ryan

cakes, although is melted...XD

'auto posing' when there is camera....

cute o not baby mah..?


Ryan you should wear something sexy....

their BRAND

behind the BRAND scene....dry their lips till......

Nice right? XD ( if she saw this.... Im gonna headless..... )