Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1st time swim at north wing

today is 1st day of my sem break started. early in the morning gt up and gt ready to go north wing swim with keatkeat as planned lol~

met at KTM station and then head to north wing. saw some students busy studying for final exam lol~ luckilly mine is finish and can throw away the token d.....bt i still wan to keep the token until i graduate lol~ so....i bought a bun frm cafe and then we direct went to the pool.
gosh....that pool reli high class !!! no ppl swim there cuz exam period....only two of us....walao....
reli.....nice view~ and the water clean too lol~ I used Zen id to sign keat up lol~
swim about 1 hour then we go clean up and then.....shim~ poof*

and then.....saw DR PNG in north wing hall like conducting coordination for next week grand choral concert wor~! lol~ then we dunno wht to eat as lunch and gt up shuttle bus.....
thought wan to gt down at south wing to eat somewhere around.....who knw at last decided to go back north wing to eat and then we sat in the bus for quite long time while waiting the bus is full.....lol~

lunch and thn went back south wing, and keat keat went KTM to went home. We discovered tht.....non malaysian reli tiada budaya or no moral......dunno how to que up de.....grrrrr .....so we dun care and just ignore those china girls ....nt because went gentlemen bt the fact is...they deserve it.....lol~ thos black black oso the same.......tiada budaya......
on the way to south wing....we saw a funny scene in the bus.......there is a wife and husband sit together in front...the wife sit near window while the husband sit beside her.....then there is nt enough seat and some ppl was standing.......beside the husband there is a black girl standing. the black girl was stand near and facing the husband. u guys knw la.....their front size...can make ppl die....lol.~ so the husband seem like so embrassing and just look outside the bus ....while the girl is reli reli near to the husband only! me and wei keat was laugh like crazy! keatkeat said....the girl was like trying to tell the husband ....'come on baby~ i going to feed u~!'......wakakakakak~ somemore the girl keep look at the husband wife and her emotion was like....cartoon.....SS.....=_='''

lol~ after tht i went to practice sightreading a while since i din bring any score and borrow xin chze de..... then somemore suddenly tangan gatal and invited me go CC again!!!!!!! @@

ok tht all for today.....thanks keatkeat again lol~

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