Friday, July 31, 2009

Finally...recital is over !!!

today.... i been woke up by Stephen cuz overslept...thanks bro~
then get ready myself and waited him come to pick me.... around 8am something.

we reached at school.....and planned to try out the Boston in recital hall ....who know been locked again!!!! !@#$%
really tak tahan UCSI why so greedy !!!! and someone students can use anytime but we cant!! although we used oso will been scold ! thought we will steal or broke the piano meh????!!!! really unfair !!! pay the same fees and came from far but gt the different treat !!!! ( u guys know what am I talking about...), stephen, shing lay and chien hui used the upright piano there lo.....and 10am we left cuz world music student having their listening exam there!!! ( luckilly i Stephen help me.... ) i dunno how they did lol~

went down and saw Zen and his gang of friends...duno is sengaja come find me or just passed by, they came to 109 practices room area to wish me happy birthday !!! and sung a bday song for me ~ thanks guys !!!!!

then.....have a quick lunch and went up recital hall to get ready ..... reli reli reli nervous !!!!!
nervous....nervous......and most funny is Quek and Ashley nervous till stomach
when everything was set up and I was the 1st to perform ! many people came ! lol~
i reli nervous till only know wht am i played at beginning n ending....@@
the worst leg keep shaking !!! i cant control it and all my pedal effect lost ! played wrong note somemore !!!! waliao!!!!!
so sorry to my friends that expect me to play good...... @@

thank to all of them attend this recital, and some of them stayed down just cuz of this recital and late to go home..... reli thanks~ and thanks Kar Foo came and support me....sorry cuz didn did well @@

after recital....felt like my burden was left on Boston piano d.... and then followed Irene and others friends go to Secret Recepi, cuz Irene and Liling wan to celebrate my bday earlier lol~
Stephen, Christina, YJ, SH, Janice and BYing was there with me haha~ thx guys~
and thanks LLing n Irene cuz gave me a early bday present~ thanks gals~ like it so much haha~

From Irene and LiLing

will upload some pics soon.....

and thanks all those bday wishes frm facebook and sms haha~

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