Wednesday, October 14, 2009

back to Major class with Wilson again~

fuhh....finally after 3 weeks no lesson with Wilson and yesterday which mean the few hours ago, can attend Wilson class~ continued learn so much thing that might need time to digest it lol
have our ET1 dictation final exam just now comment. pray that I will pass...

something special happen to few of us just now. some people might

and then.....having our Christmas carol practice just now....and seems like many people
trying hard to memorize and get the correct pitch and sightsinging....hope through this will help me improve in Ear Training.
some people's were missing.... and wish xiaoming gt well soon

this week no swimming.... and so next week i think.....but hope next week got.....@.@
and now someone make milo and slowly studying his exam on

gonna watch wht wht wht meatball soon....yay~

recently found myself were so long gas in posting blog...write all wht im thinking(i mean.....a

good night.....

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