Friday, October 30, 2009

Good Morning~

seems like no one woke up yet...

mayb last night really used a lot energy...even myself oso lost a little bit voice.... christmas carol choir coaching under guest coach. From pitching to lyric, from expression to movement, all together been asked to do in 'profesionally'....
day flew so so so fast...

now gonna pack my stuff, as I going to 'checkout' from this house today~ say bye bye to this place and will became memory in my mind, and say bye bye to my roomate My Lim Yong Jia and Mr Yek Shin Hong, and my next door Ms Pang and Ms Verone, and so Mr Tan Chee Seng, and Ms UNKNOWN that live in single room, and Ms Winnie who stay at downstair.
in this 1 year, many things happen, happy and sad haha~ and saw a lot weird thing outside the window..... people chasing and beating thief.... Ms Irene house surrounded by cops......dogs fun season.....etc..


where i will be next??
stay tune~
I will be back soon~


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