Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Choir Midterm

just now was this semester choir midterm..... overall still ok.... did a little bit mistake but Ms Rachel said we did it well.

applied PTPTN... now wait till december.... sienz...

now waiting little Ming sent my book back to me..... because need to revision for tomorrow midterm.... Ear Training 1.
He seems like sick....if got no choice d then have to go borrow frm Irene, which is next hse to me only haha~

Took a break in busy life

just now, after practicing choir, Me, Wei Le, Tian Yi and Kenny wet to swimming at North Wing. Cant just stay in block C forever.... will be crazy....and then invited Prince Little Ming come along too.

Nice place to swim, and then we like decided to go everyweek on Tuesday 5pm. Good idea too cuz no time to go to gym or do sport... luckilly gt them to bring me along haha~ Kenny really well prepared...bring along 3

and then suddenly raining like alert us to go.... and then after we clean up ourselve... Rouyen and the gang arrived. We went to shop nearby to have our delicious FUXIN again haha~
then we walked back and bought 100yen smooth ice, lol~

ok nothing much to say.....
tomorrow MBE quiz.....God Bless Me yo~
and then Choir Midterm somemore.....geng liao.....
Biying will come to fetch me morning....haha~

Good night~

and happy birthday to Shin Hong in advance!~~~~~~

Sunday, September 27, 2009

If you think you are loser.... please watch this video....

You were born to be loved

just now in church got showed this video, reli touch my heart so deep....

thanks God His love never end for me....

really motivated a lot by this kid,

so brave...

so strong....

thanks God the end of our way is just Your beginning.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Degree 1st semester

finally entered degree 1st semester... and decided very clearly.... I will continue for contemporary~ thanks God~


Monday - 3.30pm-5pm Choir , 6pm-8pm Christmas carol practice , 8pm-10pm practice piano

Tuesday - 10am-12pm Ear Training 1, 1pm-2.30pm Major , 2pm-4pm CME ( biying ) , 4pm -5pm Vocal accompanist

Wednesday - 10am-12pm HAMM 1, 1pm-2pm MBE coaching , 2pm-3pm Minor , 3.30pm-5pm Choir , 5pm-6pm Choir sectional

Thursday - 1pm-2pm band practice, 2pm-4pm Ear Training 1, 4pm-6pm HAMM 1

Friday - 9am-12pm Master class, 12.30pm-2pm recital, 3pm-5pm MBE Ensemble

* excluded practice time for major, minor, MBE, CME, vocal.

God bless me

think so much things luckilly got ppl i can talk to lol~
know some new friends, not bad~
must work very very very hard now....especially ET..... never give up!
tomorrow go back connaught again....felt so miss talk to them haha~ and my little brother tht help me and bother me a lot, my sister voice like speaker and my elder bro

ppl say im nt simple. lol~ yea i admit im nt simple althought looked like nth frm physically,lol~

going to sleep....zzzZZZZZzzzzz

between congrat to my minor lecturer in her church new album (live DVD and CD ). they put so heavy effort on it.....

raining at outside.....missing ppl....


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Early Christmas time feel~

since after new sem begun, we started to practice christmas songs, and auditioned last week for Genting Highland performance. o ya... we form a group of 20 people, a choir / acapella team.
total up we need to practice 24 songs and memorize before december coming. so...equal to 4 songs each week for memorising..... wanna faint d.

a little bit stress leh....
my contemporary course is ngam ngam packed for me and somemore short sem....
then have to help someone CME playing something that i already dint work out for such a long time.... - trumpet.
dont know how to help.... my skill is really limited now.... @.@
playing trumpet like...building muscle...need time i hope still work well lo...

then have to help people vocal class to play piano as accompanist.

i realize that i must work hard for my own stuff d.... no more extra help next sem on.... for certain people i still on to help.

someone sound like sick d here....i mean in my room.....

sleep.... hope can wake up later haha~

great beginning of this semester, a lot things happen, changing and changing every semester, hope people are on the track....dont felt left by me..... because time is going on....our life is going on.... be the eagle not the chicken.... do the great things....

God lead my way....

really good night now :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009


suddenly felt that there is few people just like dissappear from my sight in this semester....

not for fun i mean..... we work together last semester or in the same group....

Ling dissappear althought we still can meet each other in choir, but really....she busy hers, im busy mine haha~ used to be in choir commitee member last semester and now passed to the new generation, and became her major class pianist. had a lot of fun and learned a lot. thanks Ling Yn.

and Anthony.....this one totally dissappear. He said he come back next week, so look forward to see him around.

have to get use to new life in degree now, so far still fine. in foundation that time, Friday usually is my holiday but now no more haha.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yeah~! congratulation!!!

First of all, I would like to congrat to those new choir commitee members, hahah~

President : Quek Shio Yii
Vice President : Hong Liang (takeover my place hahahah~)
Secrectary : Soh Rou Yen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Treasurer : Janice ~

congratz!!!! i has downgraded became sectional leader.....hopefully next sem no more seat for me.
Saw a lot new faces that never seen b4 around music school.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

BBQ day

hehe~ just nw we having simple BBQ party at home...i mean at connaught ...

hmmm.....very funny cuz me, YJ, Janice and Weil Le was first time setup up the 'altar' haha~ reli ran out of idea how to keep the fire...until me and janice went to Esso to buy RM1 petrol...ermmm...i got bring a bottle la...kakakkakaka

everyone was late then the foods still can b finished i think....didnt check...
have a quite nice moment .... and playing PS2.... chit chat as everyone didnt see each other for 1 week something...haha.
two birthday boy and girl, anf YJ has prepared a nice cake as celebration. So nice tht cake haha~
o ya...BiYing was appear at dunno what time....with her luggages haha~ So good she still can come even just back from Melaka.

just quite mad with cleaning part....
i think this is the last party with them.