Friday, July 24, 2009

Happpy birthday to Kar Foo and Xin Xin!!! i woke up quite on gt ready myself and went to

so...1st thing i gonna do after arrived there is....pass my present to Kar Foo haha~ well....met him and he asked me to play a song for Him....of couse....din play la....suddenly nervous if u asked me to solo haha~ (cuz of his bday haha~) so sorry KF~ i play next time yea? haha~ or next week recital u may come and see ~ bt i promise will play for u then will d haha.

after that....went to lunch with YJ and RY block A. and then Irene came somemore haha~ after that we went to buy cake for XinXin bday mini celebration.
we waited her and gave her suprises, and i am the pianist for the event haha~

after celebration....we decided to go block A sign up game account. as i promised to Wei Keat bring my friends to i did lo...haha~ we played there and make it like CC @@... Yi Ching is the most geng ! she reli rlei geng...
rarely can see keatKeat and then bb to him d haha~
so....we continue our own things......went back to music school to practice.....and there is a lot of room available.....
practiced and practiced.....till wanna sleep...cuz too cold....=_='''
so.....that all....

lazy to continue too much d.....take care buddies~

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