Thursday, July 23, 2009

Finish practice at 2.14am.

ermmm....dun misunderstood.....cuz i just prac for 15min like tht haha~

actually .... im practicing birthday i always gt the wrong chord....@@

so this time i fix it....after gt complain by so many ppl.....haha

birthday King n Queen coming up...

-xinxin (24th July)
-karfoo (24th July)
-darryl (27th July)
-lit bro (1st August)
-RY (1st August)
-ME!!!! (2nd August)
-sui yun (2nd August)
-song lin (2nd August)
-elder bro (5th August)
-Aunty (6th August)
-dad (10th August)
-victor (12th August)

and those i din list up.....sorry...please tell me ya....


happy bday to u guys 1st~

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