Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bi Ying house


today major class did quite well~

then after that went to Bi Ying house with Yong Jia
her house was so big~! and so many
Yong Jia played L4D there while i sight read some her piano pieces haha~
and~ we did having our dinner at her house!!! so good and nice~ haha~

then because no more time, we leave and went back to school while she went to her chinese orchestra practice~

as usual...we practice in school haha~ I was so blur until wanna fell aslept...then heard YJ metronome sound and quickly took mine out and practice~ effective!!!

and again....after practice we went to yam cha haha~ have chat almost everyday and make Shin Hong felt like to join the juniors d haha~

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