Saturday, June 13, 2009

A4J conference

yesterday....Friday, we got our OA mark and I gt passed,wakakak~
after that went to YJ house and have a relaxing evening in his house with Jia En, reading, playing games, time din do so d wakakakak~
then we went home and get ready to join A4J conference held in FGA KL, 'Trip to Hell' by Pastor Philip, which I attend before last year, and never thought this year got this event again~
so....we been invited by Yun and Emily(my juniors) and Yong Jia and RouYen joined. This was so interesting and 1st time I went to church with my course mate haha~ when we reached there....we manage to gt parking and went to have our dinner, since everyone so hungry lol~ that time was raining...o ya....
My handphone was sot sot a while after kena hujan a little while, then borrowed RouYen HP to call mummy, who know after change back to her SiM card...her phone cant read her SIM d lol~ until the end of the conference and she manage to fix it haha~
so...after dinner we walked back to Santuary Hall and....there was so MANY people!!! que up lo....and dont wan to sit in other hall to watch the live broadcast haha~ under Emily leading, we manage to get in the hall without have to 'rebut' with people, haha~
Enjoying the services very much~ with live Joshua band praise and worship, and then we so suprised there is singers in this conference~ 1 终极天团 team and 璽恩 from taiwan (i dunno who is her until heard her songs that very familiar haha~
then Pastor Philip preach was so powerful lol~
overall YJ and RY felt like going to concert lol~ and was interesting haha~
after that we leave and went to Pandan Indah big mamak to have our supper...1st time there...and was so nice~ i mean the foods~
in the same time we also gt invitation by Jia En gang and Stephen and also a starving ppl in home lol~ because we are full so we rejected ... and RY was so scare to go back hostel cuz she was late 1 everything was alright haha~
ok....after that we went home and pengsan~

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