Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today at UCSI 'mission' went to school just now is to pay fees...and sign up lesson slot of Mr Wilson.
I thought will got many people because today was 2nd day of orientation, who know walked around just saw that few faces only haha~ met Zedes when paying my fees, we went to block C....since my parent not yet come....
block C geng lo.....just like everytime we finished our choir practices that school just can heard 1 people practice scales,lol~ She is my classmate but forgot her name, so sorry lol~ She's go home.....pity.... usual.....I went into a room and practice my pop piece,haha~ after play quite perfect from top till the end...we walked around again.....Zedes said everyone in audi/recital hall, then I said no wonder 'shadows' then accompanied Zedes went to have his breakfast.....chatted a while....he will stop for 1 or 2 semester before continue doing his degree i think....Zedes, all the best to you la. Somemore....since yesterday he already asked me go CC, but din go la lol~
then when his 'breakfast' arrived, my parent also arrived.....=_=''...cant continued chatting already haha~ bye-bye lo~
cant wait for school reopen~ must work hard this semester, and cant wait to meet new faces haha~ and cant wait someone move to master room with me lol~

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