Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chin Ee thinking......

I got something to say too~
yea guys, you all really good~

Zi Ming- when we looking for member for our group.....we found you. thanks for being a part of us~ You are great~

Chin Ee- the only name written in my notebook for contact. You guys should thanks her for always and the only one bring music sheet everytime till presentation day.

Janize- how was the feel became a soprano singer? haha~

Xiao min- cool~ u reli called xiao min haha~ thx for preparing report sometimes.

Christine- you......great.....and nice to know you. last sem i was standing beside you in choir concert but who know this sem we was in a team.haha~

Irene- crazy pianist>>><<< thx for your idea ~

Timothy- the most hardworking guy.....in disappear from class~lol~

Audrey- thx for putting much effort on this~ work hard ya~

Wayne- the last one to join us~ thx for being friend~

over all........you guys are great~ reli great!!!! you guys did a good job~
im glad to know you guys~ hope we got chance to work together again~ tata~!!!

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