Friday, April 10, 2009

Film and Art presentation

actually this happen on tuesday that is few days ago... one of my most busiest day haha~

Morning- malaysian music listening test final, then have a short break, then practice with my FNA group members and went to Shing Lay house to borrow her synthesizer, thx Shing Lay~
then I went to Step-Hen vocal group class to became his pianist. quite nervous since this time I had no reason to quit haha~

Then everyone went to audi hall and waited for our turn to present our 'take these wing'...... luckily we really did it. everyone look like so enjoyed our performance.......lecturer said too touching until she almost cry.....haha~

and then........went to MidValley with Stephen and Shing Lay , lol~ 2nd time on this week haha~ quite fun , met Jia Wen them and having dinner with them~ Stephen already confused me said, go to MY TIE buy tie(translate in chinese is 'go to my tie ''mai'' tie')......and ice-cream and tested ice cream~ nice~!!!!


  1. hey..i help u 2 sing in da presentation oso leh. y no 10s me? keke^^

  2. hahahaha~
    u c i so "wei da" become the pianist....
    y din thx me oso :(

  3. wht about me?
    actually i wan blog many u knw.....i felt aslept then terus ending. TBC.

    blog again later wakakaka~

  4. lol.....lan duo cong.....