Monday, August 23, 2010


semester break...
nothing much I can do here
parent thought I am holiday maid
keep ask me do this do that
I wonder how if I am dead
life still go on right

Can't really concentrate in practicing piano
they are just too bothering me
that's why
sometimes I don't felt wanna stay too long here
make me crazy
now I just wish time can go fast
next week
next week
school reopen at 1st Sep
and I decided to go back by 30th Aug
set my mood back
let me be alone
but now is different
I felt
something missing
when I am alone

everyone going to vacation this week
fly here fly there
may be I should treat myself better
don't care
I must plan somewhere to go next semester break
backpacking alone?

listening to by Miles Davis
what a lonely music and sounded so nice

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