Friday, August 13, 2010

Almost the end of this semester

Good news, I finished all the exam;
bad news, all the exam did so badly...
Wish I can pass everything this semester...
Gonna rush for my major works already...
I am so sorry to my lecturer,
even he know my situation and didn't scold me and help me a lot,
I am still....sorry to him....
next semester is jury 2 already...
wish I can prepare the 3 songs by this short semester break...
then boost for another 1 song when new semester start.

Just now MBE concert
well done people,
every semester we perform in different way, creative~
this semester is last MBE for some seniors
see them walk all the way 7 semester
soon I am gonna be like them
leaving MBE....mean gonna graduate very soon
I can't believe that I already came to this level
sem3, next sem gonna b sem4

Thanks to this semester my band mates, the GIRLS (cuz im the only 1 boy)
Ling Yn, Wen Dee, Sasa, and Amelia
Although we didn't get into concert
but we did learn a lot and knew each other a lot
Velvet Blue Roses
This is my 1st band name
although sometimes perform outside
with random people

Next week
gonna attend 6 graduation recital
Sheena Moorthy said monday 1st session till the last
enough for me to sign?
don't know
Sheena got 7 haven't sign

still left 1 more major class next week
this week didn't go back hometown
since this month got 5 weeks
I am not going to teach 1 lesson
so stay back here
and outing with friends
and practice
semester break is coming
although is about 2 weeks
but I am gonna miss here
rather than stay at hometown
nothing special to do
no friends there

Gonna back to gym soon
and swimming
maintain healthy life
be a healthy musician

recently watched Chris Botti video in Youtube
Chris Botti is a trumpeter
I was amazed by his playing
sometimes I am so frustrated when playing trumpet
after watch his video
kind like refresh my mind
and I look for better way to play my trumpet
it's seems like working~
my big problem is my embouchure
and now seems like got improvement
this is why i don't dare to take trumpet as major
I don't have 'guarantee'
and I really like piano more
seriously trumpet is much more easier than piano
im not saying that trumpet easy to play!
piano have a lot of theories
a lot a lot a lot
can bring around and practice around
of course techniques is difficult la
conclusion is
for me
piano really complicated than trumpet
as i said d
i didn't mean trumpet is easy

o ya
this semester I am so glad
can helped a few bands
sorry to jia wen band
i really don't mean to do like that
and I am glad to work together with all the horns section player this semester very tiring...
and I am glad to meet Linet, Kit Theng
hornestly I like Linet jokes and the way she talk

stop here la haha~
continue to bluff again next time

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