Friday, May 15, 2009

crazy week

this week is totally 'busy', haha~

Monday, went to Mid Valley to check stuff at Yamaha, and meet a MiddleSex University agent Mr Jonathan, learned and gt alot of useful information althought is Joy and Yong Jia planned to transfer credit to UK haha~ today is starting of everything.....MPH magazine.....and we oso got eat Apple Donut~so fresh and delicious~

Tuesday, Joy suddenly gila again and said go to Sri Petaling pasar malam. So we went there lo, Shin Hong followed~the foods not bad~ Joy and Shin Hong bought mango....

Wednesday, Joy crazy again.....planned to send her Handphone to The Mines Samsung shop to check....YJ this time another two ppl joined....Bi Ying and Nicholas drive la this time haha~ bought Apple Donut again~ 2nd time in this week d....@@, then.....suddenly somebody gila and said go to Kajang eat satay.....terus pergi lo~ lol! but that was wonderful night~

Thursday, after choir, me and Yong Jia and some friends from juniors choir went to Ling Yn studio for jamming session~ actually we did nt prepare anything....just hantam on the was fun and interesting~ but sad Ashley is going to leave us, Ashley~ all the best to you in your future ya!!! music bring us together~ and....1st time listen to Quek playing violin!!! such a perfect!!!!! perfect pitch ppl playing....sure no problem~ asked her play songs she heard b4 without any black and white, without mistake.....walao!!! Quek!!!! You are so great!!!!

Friday.....when I was blogging now~

waiting Sunday to go Lowyat, Tuesday Tango music performance by MPO chamber group and more to come.....

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  1. bsides crazy n gila 2 describe me u still got wat leh???canot praise me 1 is it???haha...