Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1st time went to MPO my 1st time went to mpo....

actually I dont really wan to go ....but after some people pull me....then 'terpaksa' go lo....since they said RM15 only....

after OA class, we divided into 2 batches to went to KLCC. Me, Irene Kenny, Yong Jia, Verone, Janice get ready(Irene get ready at her home) at my place/Verone place, then we went to LRT station. We planned to use LRT because traffic jam....
then luckilly Irene fast enough....can met us and go there together with This also my 1st time take LRT to KLCC.....paiseh haha~
then we need to pass by many stations before arrive to Masjid Jemed. All of us wore formal and like going to do performance......@@
then I thought arrived destinationa already....who know they took me go took another underground train and finally reached KLCC.....@@
1st, we went to buy concert ticket for yesterday night, that is Joshua Redman jazz saxaphone concert, and cost RM30 , student price.....thought is RM15 only.....@@
nevermind......went to 'semi-dinner'...and ....those foods really very 'great' is price and 'great' in jokes around and 'shit' around....cuz everyone talking bout shit, lol~
so, after dinner went to met Joy, Biying, Ray n her friend, and Kenny met his 2 friends too.
We took a lot of pictures and I will upload to here soon~

so.......finally we entered the hall......deng deng~
the concert was in group of three player, saxaphonist, double bass player n drummer.

starting was so fun.....but not for 2nd songs...'ghost', it title.
so i just enjoy n observe with my ear and let my eyes rest in peace, lol~really so tired.....then the almost end part there, there was interesting and fun~ and when come to the end, Irene thought she was free bout who know, the performers self encore again! lol~
and then .....finally FINISHED!
we quickly run to the train station and took train to go to Masjid Jemed again.....@.@....Ray and her friend went back by their
then.....when after switched train.....we gt the wrong train!!!! when arrive somewhere called 'chan sao xxx'.....Irene asked....'wan go down or not since here was last station before split..?'....but seem like everyone wan to take the risks.....then......WE REALLY GT THE WRONG TRAIN!!!! so quickly gt down from the train and the train doors almost close since we hang kied cause of gt wrong we gave reason to the people in charge to enable us go back Masjid Jemed and took another my 1st time 'lost' in
then finally we reached bandar tasik selatan station~ we send YJ n BY back and turn up at last I have supper with Kenny them, but not Joy cuz she busy to complete her assignment,haha~
great day with a lot other story hidden...~
andway....was so fun and enjoyed~ thanks friends~ I will up load pics soon~


  1. v should go jazz bar to listen jazz next tat not so formal n oso can shit or crap around!!~~haha...