Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sharon Graduation Recital

Yesterday 18/4/2011
as guest player for Sharon graduation recital
thanks Sharon invited me to became your player
I really enjoyed every moment of your recital very much

Thanks God you really did it very well
and you taught something in my life
is to praise God name everywhere
and you really did it very well
the song 'My Tribute Medley'
is really a nice song

your 2nd last song also melted everyone heart
although when the song start and I went out with the others player to tune our instrument
I still can hear from outside
the way you express your music
through the song
and give thanks and spoke out the words from your heart
you taught everyone something that really important
to play music by heart
honestly I almost drop my tears
although I am stand by at outside
I can felt it

after the recital
some people told me they drop their tears and some almost also
touched everyone

may God bless you in your future
shine for God in this music industry
this is the best performance I ever watched live
all the best to you

-Jia Wai-

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