Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sabah Holiday update 1

Satuday 23/4/2011

Met Sam in plane
this world is so small lol
arrived KK about 4.35pm
but checked out almost 5.30pm
waited the luggage for a long long 'century'
After that, followed family and aunt uncle to beach
tiring day

Sunday 24/4/2011

I almost forgot what I did in the morning hahahaha
conclusion is went to church at night
whole new place
but still the old faces that I knew years ago
saw the worship team
everyone seems formed their own family d
thanks Christine being so concerned about me
daddy said she keep looked for me many weeks ago
i will be back with u guys this christmas XD

after that, went out yum cha with Luigi Gan
and then he came fetch me
told me there is others friends there
which I dunno them ==
Paul Cafe
mayb different generation
but luckily naughty Junvinna saved me
she just nearby
at Upperstar
and then I bye bye to the stranger that dont talk
went over upperstar meet with Junvinna
and Michelle, too
and met 2 new friends
talked and laugh
as usual
may be Im bad
leave him with his friends there
but may be good also
without me there
may be they talked?

Monday 25/4/2011

thing happen at night
me and Irene went out
of course I drive
the big van
really like going tour
went to YoYo cafe
and then they said wan closed d
and then we tapau
and dont know where to go
suddenly think of Luigi Gan
called him and went to fetch him
and then
we started our journey
go aroound KK
then headed to 1Borneo
which is so farrrrrr away
stopped by MCD
boought 1 berry oreo mcflurry
which tasted soooooo bad!!!!!
connaught MCD is the best ^^
and then we went back to damai area
then suddenly tallked bout kampung air
then we decided to go down KK
too cruise around kg air
to see AGUA
is sooooooo @.@
1st time in my life
saw so many Aqua
posing by the street
and then saw 1 uncle really deal with 1 agua
all I can say is
love your life people
God created who you are

26/4/2011 Tuesday

relaxing day
actually everyday I practice my piano
today also
what happen today
went out with Irene again at night
went to Suria
went to Warisan Square
and found that nothing special!
ate VedaBlu, Frozen Yogurt
and then tapau YOYO drinks
while tapau
met JUNVINNA again!!!
talked a little while
since she and Irene and Jun friend, a guy
all from the same high school

going to sleep soon lo
tomorrow going to Pulau Manukan
hope there is special and fun thing happen ^^
I cant wear my swim trunk walk around d
unless I go with Jun and the others
to tan my skin
never mind
next time XD

Love my family
especially my mum and dad
and of course
heavenly father

Good Night!!!

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