Thursday, January 7, 2010



non stop having class until MIDI tht time just knw HAMM and choir cancelled! wah.....if not.... sure die.....
next week will feel this again @.@
why so peak!!!!!

then met new friend with Pik Ying....and came the banana lady~ we chat for a long time until sit down and continue chat nonstop! then suddenly decided to go Leisure Mall!
ok....I plan to get a new goggle.....but there seems just gt goggle with power 4.0 above! want me die meh =.=
ended up buy nth =.=
then me and Rei went back to UCSI by taxi.

well....went to pasar malam once again since after 2 months didn go already~
have a short walk....pheww....
dinner there too....

then came back home.... and suddenly decided to go down and swim! alone...
but good least Im not chatting in the pool....swim so

and heard that MBE list is out!!! so so so so nervous!!!! later must go to school earlier to check it out!!!!!

good night....bye bye~

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