Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Semester 4 result

thanks God !
I passed all my subjects for this semester !!!! ( although choir 4 result not yet published...hehe~ )
included passed my Jury 2 too~~~
God hear my prayer ^^

What I want to say here is
Thanks to those who helped me out
thanks to Mr Wilson, my lecturer
you always support me
when I said I gonna drop this exam at beginning
you said just go for it
effort that you put on me
thanks ^^

Thanks to Jeffrey
day before jury I was sick until almost cant woke up
you came and take care of me
fetch me to consult doctor
did everything for me and I just need to ask for
accompanied me whole day and night till the next day
and thanks God I am fine the next day
I am so glad to have a true friend like you
thank you and love you ^^

thanks to my team
Rebecca Cheah
Shu En
without you guys
I wont get this result
thanks for the time, practice with me
thanks for putting effort on it
although is harder than your jury XD
thanks a lot
God bless you all ^^

Well, still got a lot to go
at least now
no more jury
graduation recital
here I come XD

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